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Dream of being hugged by someone I know

I thoroughly feel that this dream would mean a lot to me in the future…

Wife’s past and trust issue

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

I saw a dream about hugging my cousin

What is the interpretation?

Why Allah is not listening to me about this boy?

I don’t want to make any sin and that’s why I want to get married but he says he is my friend. Can I propose to him for marriage, or should I leave him?

Does a hug or a kiss come under zina?

My mother wants to get me engaged to my cousin even his mother wants us both to get engaged in future. I really love him and he do really love me truly too. Is this a sin that we are doing by hugging each other while we are true with each other?

Please help me save my soul

I’ve been in a relationship with a boy for 2 years, we both are virgin and haven’t commited zina. And we both pray and we both dont have much knowledge but avoid major sins. As I read a post I know now that according to hadith and scholar touching staring hugging or kissing is also zina.

I kissed a boy and now I cry everyday, I’m so paranoid! What should I do?

I had a boyfriend, he just used to hug me and then in the 4th month he kissed me. and i have never done such a thing and i think that its a major sin what i have done. i left the boy because i knew it was haram!

I was a homosexual, and I still have weird thoughts and flashbacks. HELP!

She is the first and the only girl I ever met that made me think that I might like her more than a friend. I always treated her with love and care, that made her close to me. She shared her secrets with me, there was a time when she went through alot in her family and she was almost devestated and now she admits out loud that if havent been there for her she wouldnt have made it. So we are two best friends who look out for each other. But the trouble begins here. I felt like i loved her more than a friend.

Love and sex before marriage

She told me that she does NOT want to have sex before marriage. But would it be OK if we did as we both know we are going to marry each other? oh and the other thing is that we have not had sex, but we do kiss and have slept in the same bed but not done anything, is that also wrong in islam?

Married men being kissed and hugged by other women

My husband is routinely kissed on the cheek and hugged in a friendly manner by other women.

Is this act ok, as it is commonly seen here in western culture?