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Sexual health problem, can I ever get married?

I am under 30 years old. I have a permanent physical injury on my penis which has severely harmed my sexual health. I don’t know if I can ever get married or satisfy a wife.

Scared that excessive masturbation has made me impotent

We have published many, many posts on the subjects of pornography and masturbation. Please check our archives.

Younger husband cannot maintain an erection

When we have sex my husband says he doesn’t enjoy it with me. This makes me feel so unhappy and I feel like I have done something wrong.

Frustrated and worried

My husband is not sexually well… he smokes sheesha… he sits all day home and fights on the silly things.

His mother and his impotence are ruining our marriage

If he can’t protect me and if he can’t really love me then is it worth continuing this marriage?

Male sexual issues

Please let me know what to do in light of Islam.
[Editor’s note: Sexual health topics can be of a sensitive nature – can contributors please maintain Islamic protocol when responding.]

Should a sexually unfit person marry?

I love a girl (she also loves me), she forces me to tell my parents about us and send proposal… But I think I am not sexually good, I haven’t done sex that’s why I can’t tell anything in detail. I feel I ejaculate prematurely (during masturbation) etc.

Am I a virgin?

I have always loved to sit in woman’s laps, I used to do so a lot with her, and she never minded that of course. Also, on the bed, I used to sleep very close to her, and e.g. when she was asleep, I would put my legs on her legs, as if I was lying in her lap and thus enjoy myself I was 11-13 in this age then. I did not know fully about sex back then, and did not touch any of her private parts or anything, but simply repeated that childhood obsession of lying in her lap while she was asleep. I have tried to overcome that habit as well. I am at a point of life, where one comes to realize that there is nothing of True Vale besides one’s relationship to his Creator.

Question about Intercourse in marriage, Rights & Penis Size

Salam, I am very concerned about my penis. it has average length but it is VERY THIN. I have had sexual intercourse (Which i Regret and am REPENTING to Allah for that).
I am trying my best to pray 5 times now and asking Allah for forgiveness and become a good muslim..