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Frustrated and worried

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Aslamoalekum I want help, I really don't know what to do..

I'm married from 3 yrs.. from day one I came to know that my husband is not sexually well. I told my parents, they asked me to divorce him but I was scared to face this world and lived with him. I used to ask him if you had this problem why you got married to me? He said this happened after our shadi I was well - I know he lies. Whenever he takes a pill or something he can intercourse, but doesn't even takes pills he just foreplay and ask me to masturbate. I'm not sexually satisfied.. He went to a doctor after so much pressure he gave pills and after that we have a baby also. He is one year old now. But we don't have any sex life.

This is only not a problem I have sacrificed my life for my baby and try to be happy.

He smokes sheesha also.. smokes all day. I have asked him to quit it but he doesn't listen to me. I'm worried about his health.

He is a landlord, he don't go for work also we get the income from lands. He sits all day home and fights on the silly things. I live with my mother in law who knows everything still she interferes in every matter and ask him stupid things to do with him.

He becomes good to me at few things like giving me good food, servants, good clothes... that's why I think to linger on my marriage but he is a mama boy he does whatever his mom says.

I'm really worried.. I don't want divorce ..please suggest me something.. my inlaws are very difficult people. I try alot to be happy for the sake of Allah coz its his decision for my life.. but know I'm tired.


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  1. Talk to him n sort out the issues after having an open talk with him. Hope it will make a difference. Try to know his likes n make him feel for u. Infuse love in him for u. N hope for the best. Don't think about divorce

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