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Two dreams after istikhara

I have performed istikhara for a marriage proposal.

I don’t want them to do istikhara

My family is not allowing me to do istikhara and are doing it themselves. If results of istikhara are positive, I will have to say yes, even though I don’t want to.

Positive Istikhara for two potential spouses

Both Istikhara I did for the two potential girls came out positive, but my heart is directing me to the first one. Can I please receive some advice from brothers or sisters here in what you will do in my case?

I’m 27 and I want to get married soon

What should be my niyyatt to perform isteqara?

Did our previous acts cause our negative istikhara?

I have been in love with a man for the past six years… I only reverted to Islam recently. He performed istikhara to see if we can be together in the future in a pure and proper way.

Positive (white) istikhara but my mother refused the proposal

My mother refused the proposal because that boy is less educated and belongs to different caste. I’m confused.

Need my istikhara dream interpretation

My cousin and I want to marry. For taking decision to be with him or not I did istikhara.

Istikhara for marriage

Is there any hadith that validate seeing red color means bad?

How can I convince my parents to accept his proposal?

My parents are not agreeing because his family are not rich.

Istikhara interpretation

Can you help me interpret this all… coz I’m still confused as to what next to do.