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How to deal with shakk? It’s ruining my life…

I believe no woman is loyal, but her case was different because I thought if she becomes a Muslim I wouldn’t have any problem but now I have doubts in my head most of the time. If she is cheating on me or something then how can I know and be sure about it?

I stopped doing bad things, but I’m afraid my family will find out

im a muslim female, 2 years ago when i was 16, i was in a relationship with a muslim boy, however, my family didnt know, i used to lead a bad past as i used to drink too. 2 years ago we split up, i hit a depression as i did truly love him. i then confronted a family member and told her everything knowing she wouldnt judge me. now i’m afraid she may tell people.

He says; we will get married but I can’t trust him as he’s been making excuses for 10 years

He says we will get married soon, but I have so many doubts. Are we right for each other can we trust each other? I waited for him for almost 10 years, but he never appreciated it. His family never thought of disrespect their bad mouthing caused me and my family.

My virtual boyfriend broke up with me two years back but I still love him

I am 21 years old now and my parents talk about my marriage, with plans to look for suitable men after a couple of years. But I don’t want to marry anyone. How can I, when I still love him? I wish I could remain unmarried all my life, but I know I have to give in to my parents’ wishes. In my heart, there is still a hope that he will love me back again someday. What should I do? Please please help me.

My mother in law is breaking up my marriage.

MIL doesn’t fear Allah, only misusing being a mother they even tell me tat mother can kill her son, does Islam allow that? She is jealous and wants me to leave her son; as a Muslim wife what should I do? I am very much hurt; my health also is not good because of stress. MIL stays with elder son and his wife; she is happy but still creating all problem in family.

How do I stop seeing and being intimate with him?

I don’t know how to stop myself. Everytime I see him we have to be physical and I try so hard not to. I want to marry him but now he won’t but don’t understand why he won’t as he keeps avoiding the question. However, I see trouble ahead as another Muslim Man has appeared to be interested in me and I sincerely believe that he follows the faith correctly and he would marry me.

How to win my husband’s heart when mother-in-law is driving us apart?

I use to cry day and night praying that everything got better.Now I have come back but nothing has changed everything is the same. I don’t now what to do? I love my husband a lot but he can’t see that I don’t want to lose him but his mums always getting in the way.

He has made my life impossible difficult to live by performing the blackmagic. Please help me out.

I am so sick of feeling like this. I hate that someone can do this to me take EVERYTHING away from me. I feel I have no life and what hurts and scars me is the fact that he doesn’t give up on me and the way I look. I am so scared that he can change me. There is so much to say as I am wrting this I feel so dizzy and feel like someone is strangling me this is all I can write now, but there is much more.

I am having evil thoughts about the girl I wish to marry due to her past and can’t decide what to do? Please help

am a new Muslim, and 20 years of age and I am having some issues concerning relationships. I’ve known this girl for about nearly all my life and its beeen 3 months now since we confessed our love for each other but we’ve been in love for more than a year and I knew she loved me and that I loved her. I’ve never had sex in my life even though I wasn’t Muslim all my life and have been in several relationships but she told me just recently that she did have sex before with her previous “boyfriend” and he forced her? I cry every night asking for Allah’s help and every time I think about leaving her my heart aches and I just cant do it. I’ve never loved anyone like this in my life, to the point I would fall sick whenever I dont communicate with her.

I keep quarreling with my sister inlaw

I’m a housewife married for 7 years now. Its a love marriage and MashaAllah my husband is really good and caring but the problem I have with, is my sis in law who is married for 6 years and still lives with us. Ours is a joint family and were very happy with each others company until my sis in law joined us..