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Muslim Filipina wants to marry Pakistani Muslim, please advise.

But the thing is after 2 weeks, I just test him by asking If he already have first wife and I’m correct he told me he have first wife but before 2 years he told me they don’t have any communication and his wife leave him and his 2 kids alone, and i accept it with all my heart because I love him so much.

Trapped in a loveless marriage; what should I do?

He treats me like the hired help and even tells me when I can and cannot talk to him. He is always making nasty comments about my appearance to the point where I’ve become very self-conscious. He is very messy and the whole house has been turned upside down because of his hoarding.

I hate him but I love him too, I don’t know what to?

Plzzz tell how to convey him to send me for job I dono I think he still doubts me, I said n warn him many Tim while pregnant if u doubt I never ever come with u out even to take babies for hospital if u be like this he ll lose me… tell how to convey him I want to go for job at anycost with my husband permission but his evil behaviour aaaaaahhhh hurting meeeeeee ..

My wife and her past relationship

i know she has past relationship with a married man which is forced to marry with the other girl maybe they were caught dating or something else, just like she was betrayed by his past, the problem is i didn’t know they have intimate relationship with her past, after two years she only tells me when we were engaged.

I can’t love my husband as he lied to me about his medical condition but I don’t want divorce either

I don’t believe in divorce, I don’t wanna give up on my marriage this soon without giving it a chance, but at the same time I am scared of falling into sin by not obeying him. He adores me, like totally in love with me, I feel guilty I do not feel the same, and I am scared Allah will punish me. I am also scared that Talaq is something bad.

She lied about her pregnancy and about the death of her father. How do I deal with liars?

I sympathized greatly with her once she told me that one of her twins was deformed.  I told her that I would help her in any way possible.  Then, I found out that her sonogram pictures were fake.

My mother in law is breaking up my marriage.

MIL doesn’t fear Allah, only misusing being a mother they even tell me tat mother can kill her son, does Islam allow that? She is jealous and wants me to leave her son; as a Muslim wife what should I do? I am very much hurt; my health also is not good because of stress. MIL stays with elder son and his wife; she is happy but still creating all problem in family.

Please help me, I can’t live without him

I can’t live without him and can’t even believe that Allah is doing this to me. Everything was perfect but now I don’t know. Allah always gave me more than what I wanted but this time he is giving me hope and than again breaking it. I am so hurt that I sometime decide to not think of Allah but what can I do I can’t stop trusting Allah and nor can I stop loving him. I have been waiting to solve this for a longtime.

My husband has changed after marriage and I doubt his intentions for marriage.

I only had one and I want at least one if not Insh Allah Allah gives us two. Before we were married he said otherwise I trusted him during the whole engagement and now its all upside down on the trust level only cause I feel he is hiding our marriage. Please help need advice newly wed Muslim couple.

Christian girl forced by a wife to marry her old Muslim husband

If a girl is married without the permission of her mother and her presence; will the marriage be valid in Islam? What should I do to fight them especially in Court? Just in case they want me to go to jail? How can her mother fight her rights? I wanted to marry her. Her family agreed. I am 20years Muslim man.