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Unsuccessful marriage

He gave me mental torture. He was jobless. His habits are unbearable for me. He lies, he just say he loves me but he does all the things for his children.

Can this count as divorce?

Can this be understood as divorce and that we are no more husband and wife as we are not staying together since last 6 months?

Mother-in-law is commanding my husband to divorce me

His mother has told him to divorce me as I’m non arabic speaker. She wants to sit with a woman she can talk to.

My husband won’t tell his family about us after 5 years

I feel very alone in this, and betrayed, I have lost trust and losing respect in him because of this.

Is that nikah valid?

Her father came and took her back to her country saying that her nikah is not valid because of a Shafii’i girl can’t get married without the presence of her father.

I don’t think my mom is having an affair – I am sure of it!

My mom is dying to separate from my dad long before she even know this guy, but she stayed for the sake of her children. Now she has to live her life with someone that she doesn’t love anymore…

We’re tired of being his secret family!

I kept asking what’s his plan for his kids? Is he going to let his family know? When? He said to give him time. What??? It’s been 15 yrs, I’m here alone with the kids doing everything for them…

Married man having desire to chat with other women

I have this strange desire to talk with girls, and this problem went on even before my marriage. I would normally talk for 2, 3 weeks, (it may include love talk also) then I would tell the girl I am married and stop replying to her messages.

My husband wants to take me without my family’s permission

Nikah was performed on phone by agreement of both families, but we haven’t met ever. His family are insisting on rukhsati but my family doesn’t allow. My husband doesn’t want to wait anymore…

Shame and Depression about Daughter and Convert Wife

I married in young age in West, and troubled life started. Wife accepted Islam on Nikah .. Got a daughter .. had lot of problems in life… I practice Islam seriously but feel so ashamed due to wife who is convert but not practicing.