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My parents dislike my in-laws

I asked why did you marry off if you didn’t like this relation and they were like you had a relationship which is bad so if we marry you to good people what if your ex boyfriend make an issue…

Should I go for divorce or not?

I have tried to talk to him but he calls me psycho and drama if I talk about kids and living together.

Missing my husband

Our entire marriage is based on whatsapp.

How can I get our marriage back on track?

This year has been very torturous and painful. A lot has happened. She left home and never came back…

I am not happy with my husband

My husband has made me lie to council and say I am a single mother… If he doesn’t physically hit me he will abuse me verbally.

My wife is away from me and I don’t know what to do

My wife is not willing to come back to me. I am the only child of my parents and nobody is there to look after me and my parents.

I am living in pain

He told me not to go see him because he is not stable yet, but the truth is that he had his mom arrange a wife for him in Afghanistan.

Betrayed by an unjust husband

He tells me that he wants me to have peace in to my heart about the situation. He says we are the old house and his family he has now is the new house and he does not want to destroy it.

Sexually Dissatisfied

I wish today’s women understand themselves that their biggest DUTY is their Husbands, not their parents. Even though, husbands dont want to have SEX all the time, but they need wives overnight for closeness.

I feel upset and miss my wife

My wife came on holidays for getting married. But now she has gone back to her country and I am feeling very uncomfortable as I love her very much.