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Depressed due to my physical health condition

I am a 26 year old woman and have been married for 5 months. For quite a while now I have noticed that my walking is difficult and different to everyone else. I went to a doctor who told be to just exercise and come back if it got any worse.

Please, give me reasons not to kill myself

I never wanted to be a lesbian. I didn’t choose this. For the past six years I’ve been hurting myself physically such as cutting and starving myself because I felt like I needed to punish myself because of me being gay.

He says I am not good enough as I am, that I need to change

Sometimes I think about just giving up on my dreams and marrying someone who wants me to stay home and be a house wife but then I don’t want to live a life of my mother as her life is not that beautiful either.

I have insomnia and terrible nightmares, why?

My parents are always worried about me as I am the youngest in my family and they are concerned because I have symptoms like senior citizens. Sometimes I feel helpless and useless to my family that I just lock myself in the room and try to remain in isolation…

Why does he tell me he would leave our nikkah behind?

I know him for about 7 years now and since then I saw them(him and his first wife)arguing. we had our nikkah privately..only my family and few of his friends are aware and his wife knows it too.

Tired of being poor, weak, sexually frustrated mocked virgin male

I’m tired of being poor and broke, tired of having sexual thoughts and having low-self esteem because of virginity mocking, tired of being physicall weak enough to down people who threaten to fight me.

Everyday I choose between life and death


i need ur help as soon as possible …brothers and sisters i m a 17 old years child! i m in class 12, the most inportant year of my career.. i met a muslim girl in class 10th when i joined a nearby tution starting i had no feelings for her. i never looked at her. even she was not at all interested in me. but after some days we talked on a social netwrking site and further on private email ids just like friends. we were only frnds.after some time my parents went to hajj.

i was living in my grand mothers home…we still chatted on the net..and met in tution everyday just like friends

Bad thoughts about Allah

I try to believe in Allah and try to build my iman, but sometimes bad thoughts come in my mind about Allah.