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Christian Filipina to marry a Muslim Saudi man

Can we still get married even if I don’t convert?

Catholic lady wants to marry a Muslim man

I was born into a Catholic family from Brasil and this past few months I’ve been seeing a Muslim man who has changed my life. we really love each other. Can we marry?

No Muslim man will marry me; can I marry a non Muslim?

Here come this non Muslim that is ready to marry me with any ailment, now am 31yrs with Fibroid, can’t a muslim man want to stay with me should I go on with the non believer since he said he will not disturb me from worshiping Allah

My husband converted but now does not believe that he is a Muslim; Is my nikah valid?

If I carry on living with him, is my marriage valid? Am I living in sin? Please could you explain to me how and what should I do. What options do I have? Does he need to convert and believe he is a Muslim for my marriage to be valid?

Love, Life and The Spirituality of Eternal Islam.

I hope I am making sense and would really appreciate some feedback on this matter as I believe there are hundreds of similar stories out there! May Allah protect us all. We are ALL, whether Muslim or not, looking for the same answer to life: Why are we here? What happens after death? How can I strive for happiness? May Allah help us all inshaAllah.

I am a Muslim girl who wants to marry a Hindu boy; please help me out.

For the first year I said no because I know that my parents won’t agree(our family is very big) but later on I realized that he is the one who cares for me a lot and then I said “yes”. It was a relation of about 6 years; I used to say I will leave my parents and will marry him. Also, I said I am ready to leave everything except my religion; I told him that I pray to Allah and he said ok.

Want to marry a non-Muslim girl

I want to marry a non-Muslim girl. What is the correct procedure for that to take her in my religion?

Can a Muslim girl marry a Hindu man if he promises to convert after marriage for her sake?

If a Muslim girl and a Hindu guy got into a relationship and the guy promises her that he will convert to islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl. Is it okay to accept that the guy actually converted to Islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl and he’s willing to do anything just to marry her? While the girl prays to Allah in the same place where the family carries out all their hinduism culture, pooja (worship), not eating red meat etc?

He is older than me and wishes to marry me. What should I do?

Can you help me please? I am 16 year old girl from England and I am a Christian. I have been dating a man who is older than me for about 6 months now. He is Muslim and has asked me to marry him as he says he loves me. I love him too but he would like to move back to Pakistan after we marry and I want to stay here.

My husband is not sure about Islam

I have a question regarding my husband. I am seperated from him right now. The situation is: he converted to islam when we first got married, months later, he told me that he doesn’t believe in Islam yet he’s not sure if it the truth. He used to celebrate Christmas and all the non-Islamic holidays.