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My wife avoids sexual contact with me

After almost a year I have snapped and had a go at her. Told her to leave and go. Am I doing the wrong thing?

Wife Denied for Sex

I ask my wife for sex but she denies or act like she don’t have any intentions related to sex.

Life is difficult

I’m already so hurt because no one loves me.

Husband won’t have sex

Sometimes I just cry because what is a marriage without sexual intimacy?

Newly married but still not consummated…

My wife thinks it will happen on its own. I unfortunately am often stuck with loosing my patience feeling rejected and less of a man.

No Love, No Sex!!!

She is a good person but I am not sure If I can live a life with someone who is unable to satisfy me emotionally and physically and someone who is not religiously as motivated as myself.

My wife won’t have sex with me

She always refuses me, giving me the excuse that she can’t be bothered to have a shower, etc.

No sex for two years, is our marriage valid?

Since our daughter was born my husband says he is too ashamed to have sexual relations with me. Is our marriage still valid?

I am truly happily married but we are sexually incompatible

My husband has a very low sex drive… I love him regardless but wanted some advice if anyone experienced it, as I always thought men always wanted to have relations…

Sexually Dissatisfied

I wish today’s women understand themselves that their biggest DUTY is their Husbands, not their parents. Even though, husbands dont want to have SEX all the time, but they need wives overnight for closeness.