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i have been married from 6yrs. after marriage i live in sweden. my husband never interested in sex from very first day. i dont know about these issues much and feel shy to ask someone why he is not doing sex, i even dont have children. he become irritated when i touch him.

i never ask for money even not ask him to give my rights i just pray to ALLAH but he dont like me to pray either. he dont like if i gave sadqa.

im all alone even my parents dont talk to me, i dont have any friends. im doing sabr when i saw childern of everyone, i broke when i saw loving and talking someone my hearts aches. i dont have anyone except ALLAH ,i saw in my dreams parents died, after dream i dont have anyone who support me and i cried and talk to ALLAH. i do sabr cause ALLAH helped hazrat yousuf so i have full belief on ALLAH mercy.

my nature is so patient pious, i never ask my husband for money, never ask him anything, just want him to dont hurt me through words because im already so hurt because no one loves me.

i dont have any support from anyone. im also not much educated. im a good wife doing all tasks of home alone cooking washing cleaning but sometimes my sabr broke, after all im human but then i thought ALLAH like people with sabr may be my situation will change, by the mercy of Allah i dont even want divorce because ALLAH dont like it.

i dont know what to do i always sick and no one is in my life who ask me even a glass of water when I'm sick. i have brothers and sisters who are busy in their lives. please someone help me what can i do?

my husband always degrade me, how you are carrying a shopper, how you are eating, food is on your cloth, sometime i thought this is azmaish from ALLAH maybe i will get jannah after these hardships inshaALLAH i was sooo talkative before marriage but im totally changed now because no one is in my life to talk to me listen my problems love me support husband always busy in his laptop after work he dont talk to me when we go out i saw everyone talking to each other laughing at that time my heart say i went to ALLAH and i cry soooo loudly infront of him...please help me what can i do?

sania zaidi




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  1. Assalam o alaykum wr wb,

    Hope you are listening to me. I have got my family friend who lives in **** her name is ******, she is a lovely woman with two kids if you want i can send her facebook link and you can get in touch with herself to remove your loneliness.

    Regarding your husband he needs admonishment from elders in your case thst would be the imam of a mosque. Try to get in touch with any lady who is responsible for mosque managemement and express your situation. Because there should be a reason for his marriage to you and I believe that is fulfilled ( money or whatever) however your right as a wife has not been distributed to you.

    I would personally recommend to get in touch with ****.

    • Nabeela, I edited your comment. Do you think your friend would like it if she knew you were spreading her real name and location on the internet for anyone to see? Don't do that. It's disrespectful and unsafe.

      Wael Editor

  2. Bismillah
    You are on the right path have sabr and ask only Allah for help Allah does not give anyone a test they cannot handle. As for your husband give him healthy foods, organic, hot, do some research online. where he would have no choice but to turn to you. The better the food the more need he'll have of a sexual partner

  3. How did you meet your husband? How old you both were when you get married? Your husband may be gay or asexual. Have you ever asked your husband why he never has sex with you?

  4. As a husband he is committing a great sin by not full filling his duties towards you. I think you should not live with such person in any case. People here are giving you unrealistic advises. You are a human being you deserve to be happy and live a peaceful life. Get rid of that man immediately. Allah will bless you with a nice person insha Allah. Do not listen to anybody who tells you to stay with this kind of guy.if they were in your shoes they will have kicked that guy long time ago... Bitter truth

  5. Move on sister do not spoil your life. He only needs a housemaid not a wife. Leave him immediately without a second thought

  6. Salam,
    You made my heart melt sister, I sincerely ask Allah to help you in your situation and reward you greatly.
    You're very courageous, may Allah bless you with love and satisfaction.

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