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Is it denial? Should I marry her or not?

I found out that she was sending images to another man and receiving them as well… Now I’m stuck in limbo.

Needing guidance

Both of us showed our private parts… Tell me the kufara?

Taking photographs of non-living things

Is it haram? Can we see those pictures which are saved in our mobiles?

Please help me

Can someone tell me the solution please?

My ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me…

He is blackmailing me that he will upload my pics in internet. And I’m scared that my parents and relatives would see it and they will kill me.

I have questions about pictures, animation and porn

I hope you will answer my questions…

My life is being ruined

What if he sends my pictures to my family online? What if he sends pictures to my fiance?

He blackmailed me and made my life hell

He started blackmailing me that he would put pictures of me on the internet if I don’t marry him.

I ruined my own life

He started to blackmail me, that all my pictures will be published over the internet… He said he’ll stop if I cut myself or start sex chat.

Should I forgive her and will she be a good wife

I ‘m in love with this girl she converted to Islam, she said she did it for me because i asked her. At the begining of this year 2011 I went to see her family in her country Philippines, where I met her family and told them about my intension’s that I would like to merry there daughter, they were very happy to meet me as I was..