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Marriage and problems with parents

My mum said that I should wait and finish my studies and just meet him and see how it goes, but they are making me choose between doing the right thing and marrying this guy and my studies…

Problems in my family over the past year

Now we don’t have any communication….they both live for each other and I’ve been left alone.

I want to move out…

I’ve become really tired of living in a house where domestic violence takes place (mostly emotional and verbal abuse, mainly from narcissistic dad).

Please help me, I can’t stand this…

I am 14 years old and I go through a lot at home and I need your help. Everyday I’m crying at home, wanting to commit suicide.

Suicidal and traumatised by my past

I have posted here before and got a lot of help, but my mother decided to push me into a trap and now I feel worthless sinner again.

Practicing Islam secretly, parents caught me offering prayers

I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed of Islam, but my fears came true. My mother reported this to my father, and now both of them ignore me. They don’t talk to me much. Their anti-Islamic behaviour makes me hate them more and more.

Interfering and bad mouthing in-laws; I am getting divorced.

My husband and I are now getting divorced has he cannot put me and his children first because his family mean more to him than we do. I am so upset by all this, I’m heartbroken and feel so upset for my children. When I married I wanted it to be for life.