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Depressed Married Life

Though we have everything stable in our lives, I do not have the peace of mind when I am with my wife.

Not happy Marriage

I’ve been married for 7 months. I’ve cheated on my wife already. I’ve been thinking about divorce but I owe her family 40K.

Should I divorce her?

She has now left me and is asking for Divorce…

How can I control my disobedient wife?

Now even six months passed she is still repeating the same mistakes which means that these are habits not mistakes any more.

Having problems with my wife

She says things so hurtful to me… I did everything to change her in bad way like scream at her or even I left the bed. Please I am not the man who is like this at all…

The biggest decision of my and my son’s lives

I live alone sleep alone, eat alone, did Ramadan alone, cook alone, clean alone, come home from work to empty house no warmth of a wife’s smile. No laughter of my child. It’s so hard.

My wife won’t have sex with me

She always refuses me, giving me the excuse that she can’t be bothered to have a shower, etc.

What should I do about my wife and my marriage?

I need advice as per Islam. We started our marriage life and then started problems.

My wife met with a guy when home alone

Once there was no-one at home at my In-Laws’ house, a man came in the house and spend time with my wife. After that my wife has continued talking with that man when I left for the office. I am very disturbed.

I don’t love her anymore…

I just don’t have any feelings for her anymore and I don’t love her anymore and she says it’s cruel that I can say this.