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Halal or Haram? Divorce and Remarry issue.

I’ll be rukhsat in the end of December and I’m still confused is our nikah valid? i’m scared of losing him.

Three times divorce before rukhsati

I was married and divorced after a year – before rukhsati. Three times divorce was given in written form.

No rukhsati in sight, now my friend is on my mind

I had a friend. He was very honest and he loved me a lot before my nikah, and he still does. I don’t have any contact with him, but because of my husband I sarted missing him and I don’t know what to do now.

Can I seek Khula before ruksati?

There are no apparent flaws in his character, but i fear my dislike for him will make me act unjustly with him and not be able to fulfill the responsibilities of a wife.

Married for three years, no rukhsati but he wants sex

Now rukhsati is still pending, so it is not possible for me to meet my husband’s sexual desires. I have forced the issue with him several times for rukhsati but he does not agree due to some family issues

Talaaq given twice before rukhsati – is iddah necessary?

Before rukhsati my husband has given me two times talaaq over the telephone in anger. Is iddah necessary on me? And if he wants me back what should he do?

My husband doesn’t talk to me

He said that he can’t live a bachelor life as he comes home after 6 months; he told me that he is becoming desperate over there. We are having crazy fights because I said that he can do rukhsati at least but his response is that; for rukhsati he has to do Shadi (full wedding) and once Shadi (full wedding) is done, he won’t be able to leave me…..

I am 27, my wife is 18 and we don’t get along

In December, I met my wife on a matrimonial website and we started talking and immediately felt a vibe together. I am 27 years old and she is 18 years old. I had been looking to get married and for some reason or the other, by Allah’s decree, we weren’t getting good proposals and it was sort of frustrating me as all my friends were getting married and I needed someone to help me keep away from sins. Anyway, she approached me on the website wondering if I would be interested in marrying a young girl. I obliged and things went from there.

Cheated on husband. Should I tell him or divorce cuz he deserves better?

I am from Pakistan. I was married for 6 yrs. It was nikkah so according to our elders we werent allowed to sleep with each other. In pakistan there is another ceremony called “giving away the bride”, thats when the girl leaves house to live with the husband. Since we hadn’t done the GiveAway ceremony, we weren’t allowed to sleep with each other but of course me and my husband did. There were so many restrictions that were brought upon us by our families. I went to school in a different state and ended up sleeping with another guy.