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My father sexually abused me and ruined my life

I realized that I would never be able to have contact with a man, since I cringed at every touch. My father ruined everything for me, and I was really disgusted. I just faked it, since I could not and was not allowed to tell my husband what happened in my past (My mom insisted on it, she said that if that came out me, my father would be viewed a certain way by people).

Toxic family problem

They have mentally and physically abused me, destroyed my mind set, ruined my way of thinking… I have no life, nothing at all.

Lost my deen and iman – no right to call myself a muslim anymore

I am too lost and too far into haram. Again, I don’t even feel guilty, regretful or even feel the need to repent. I’m not even sure I want to try and come back to being a good or even decent Muslim.

Running away from home.

My father find some messages of mine… I get scolded and he said you lost my trust…

Mom stopped me from texting him

I know texting him is a sin. I shouldn’t even be speaking to boys, and maybe I am young, but I know I love him. He loves me too, so why won’t my mom just let me marry him? She told me that no matter what happens, she’ll never let me marry him. She said she’s going to choose a boy for me, just like every other mother would; but where’s my say in that?

I have been having lots of problems with my mother

Furthermore, she doesn’t only swear- she also uses other sexually abusive words against me which makes me cringe. My mum is always looking for ways to get my dad to beat me or my brother. Because of my mum, I used to get bullied school and I also had low self esteem.

I want to marry a boy who is younger than me

My age is 19 years and the boy I love is 15 years old actually he loved me first since 3 years and now I have realized that I am also in love with him. now we both want to get married but we know that our parents wont allow us.

He wants me to run away with him

I know what I have done is haram, I am in a relationship with this guy who has been nothing but nice and sincere to me he has always been there for me when I need him, he is the one for me, we have strong feelings towards each other. I really want to get married to him.