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Is it okay for a male to playfully slap the bottom of his teenage sister?

Is this type of touch between opposite-gendered siblings allowed in Islam? How much “skin touch” is allowed?

I hate my family

They make fun of me every day. I can’t take it anymore.

So many problems going on with my parents

Nothing is going right… Please help my parents.

Troubling Sister

Our parents are helpless. They can’t control her.

Brother and sister sharing property

My sister has inherited land and I want to build a house over her land with mutual understanding.

Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?

Got curses on first day of Ramadan

Is this the way siblings hurt each other when they cannot even understand you? How selfishly they all have misused me.

I want to be set free

I feel like no one loves me.

Fate and destiny

I pray to Allah and talk to him in my head and ask why me? Will I ever be happy?

Is my family abusive?

I am very upset by how my brothers treat me and my sisters and my parents. Is there anything that I can do?