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Addicted to porn and masturbation, how to get out of it?

i have committed terrible sins and i am highly shameful of them but yet i recommit them…..i am addicted to porn and eventually masturbation since last 2 years……..every time i do it i become more of a sinner and it depresses me and angers me too

Improving faith in Allah; Quran recitation during mestruation; Is it sinful to talk to a Non-Muslim?

How can I constantly improve my faith in Allah or make it stronger. I heard that we cannot or are not supposed to read the Qur’an during our menstruation period. I was with a guy for four years and when i figured this out i broke up with him because i feared Allah.

The past still in my future.

Also what should i do about the bad things ive done in my past? I read one should keep their sins between them and Allah, just recently, and due to ignorance i have told close friends from that time when i did them but now i will never tell anyone.

Shared pictured on FB; feeling depressed.

I am a girl age 15 and i really need help i have made a mistake and last year i regret it i added someone who is from neighboring city on my Facebook account and he saved my pictures and made a fake account of it he didn’t do anything though accept it.

Can a Muslim man marry Christian woman?

I see her occasionally and we still have feelings for each other. She wants to marry me and i want to marry her also but the problem is that she does not want to convert. We are a little older then 20 (cant mention exact age sorry!). Can i marry her like this?

Want to be forgiven for sins and become a God fearing Muslimah

brothers and sisters please help me to convert to a good god fearing one.advice me how to get rid of unwanted thoughts,memories of that boy whom i loved,the memories of those my parents are searching for a groom.

Committed Zina with the boy who insulted and abandoned me

So one day i left him because if i were still with him i would be committing great sins. He became miserable and at the end he insulted and abused me and hurt me a lot. I don’t care about the insult but i m scared that he was already far away from ALLAH.

I sincerely want to change myself and become a better Muslim

I sometimes try very hard to change my casual attitude and try to do jihad bin nafs but after a month or so I again fail and went back to my seriously bad habits. I just want to change, I just want to become a good muslim.

I feel depressed and suicidal, how can I get rid of these bad feelings

Now after a year I again get the same feelings, and I again did that. Now I think these feelings will never leave me and I curse the moment I came to know about it. Tell me some solution how I can get rid of these bad feelings and how to keep myself away from depression. I just want to forget about it. Please help me, I seriously need help.

Need advice to repent from the sins I committed

i have understood our mistake i’m repenting i’m asking forgiveness from allah i’m smiling i’m trying to live happily because i believe that this staying way will be beneficial in future may be allah talah will be pleased with our repentance and make us live together in future thinking all this i’m fine but he’s not understanding all this he’s like he left everything he’s doing nothing he’s like sad with his life i don’t want him to behave that way i want him to be happy have hopes and belief in allah i told him all this when we had a chat long back but i know he didn’t understand he sent me a msg saying that don’t forget me please.