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How do I explain this to my son?

My husband was abusive… By asking for a khula I know I made my son an orphan but I had no choice…

Unsupportive parents

My parents are strictly against my remarriage. They want me to live with them, earn and raise up my child as a single mother all my life.

I am finding it difficult to continue life in Islam

As my previous post I have a son with Omani who left us. Now it’s difficult for me being single mum in my social that gays and lesbian freely open I’m scared of his future. My son he is growing up without father and I have minimum knowledge about islam. I can pray 5 times a day but other that I don’t know so how can I have my son good in Islam. Also cuz my culture relationship start with gf bf so I have non opportunity to have new spouse.

Can’t find a husband: divorced with one child

I am divorced with 1 child, a 3 yr old. I have been actively looking to remarry but am having no luck. I am 33 years old and want very much to expand my family, have more child and husband.

Unmarried mother entering into a Muslim family.

I would like to share a shortened version of my life with you and then ask you for your wisdom.

I have lived a slightly sad life with many challenges and I have always believed that my courage and strength is all that has got me through. Throughout my life I have suffered abuse, neglect, misunderstanding and lack of faith. I have grown up fighting for what, in my heart, I know is right. I have not let evil beat me and now, at aged 35, I feel I have a chance of sharing my love and light to more people than just those closest to me.

3 weeks ago, I met a wonderful man…..

Can I keep my baby without my parents’ consent?

Salaam. I am a 17 year old pakistani muslim girl. I committed zinaa, and had a baby as a result of this. I placed this child in the hands of social services as i was not allowed to keep it as my parents would not allow it.

My affair left unmarried, divorced and with a child, how do I recover?

When I was 14years old my parents forced me to marry a guy I never loved. It was like a nightmare for me when I remember that day.. making my life so miserable. At the years goes by, after a year of our marriage I learned to accept the fact that I can never run away from these nightmares.

Muslim and got a girl pregnant out of wedlock

As salamu alaikum. I’m caught in a dilema I took shahada a few months ago. I was still in my old ways and due to that I now have gotten a young woman pregnant.

My husband put me into debt, had a child with me and then left

I am Macedonian Christian married to a Lebanese Shia Muslim. We both used to work in Middle East which is where we met and got married. My husband resigned from his job on the day we signed the marriage contract. He could not leave the country as the company where he worked held him responsible for a missing $22,000. He said that he can not ask his parents or sister or brothers for help as they will be angry at him.