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Forced nikah and now I feel suicidal

To me I’d rather die than live with him.  No amount of time will heal that. I don’t want to be raped by him and I think to end this will help us both move on with our lives quicker.


I am not Muslim, but I need your prayers

I have been feeling pretty low about my life, things that I cannot change, and I sometimes feel suicidal. I’m not spilling my woes here, because I know there is no solution.

Suffering from mental illness

If I fail exams I will commit suicide… I’m suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

I’m 15 and giving up on life

I’m 15, already giving up. I hate this world, the way it is so different from the way it should’ve been.

My husband left me for a Hindu girl, Allah hates me

I had offered salatul istakhara for my marriage and only after Allah gave me a positive answer i got married but in a few years my husband married a hindu girl instead and left me to die . Why did Allah misguide me?

Failed at everything, out of ideas

I failed to take care of my father, failed my to take care of my mother, failed to take care of my wife, now failed myself.

Masturbation, self-harm, childhood abuse and bereavement…

I want to end this pain and I can only see one way out which is suicide but I dont want to do that but it seems no choice for me.

Forced marriage and very abusive family?

My wedding is set to be January 2017 but I will never stop trying to fight it off. As of now though and my main concern is: How do I put up with this abuse without killing myself?

My cousin slandered me by saying I had sex with him

I have this cousin who says I have performed sexual relations with him. He puts his hand on the Quran and swears in front of everybody.

Stuck in a marriage to a cousin I hate

I did not want to married him so I built so much hate for him for 6 year. it almost one yr that I have married him and I hate my life its really hard I don’t love him at all.