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I am blamed for his suicide attempts

It is like either I go back in his life or else he will kill himself. He says that He committed suicide because of me.

Friend considering ‘suicide’

Can someone please tell me what to do or how to cope with this? I don’t want to wake up one morning to the news that he has gone ahead with this, if that IS his TRUE intention.

Help!! I don’t know what to do

I can’t end it with him because he threatens to kill himself.. What do I do?

How can I end this engagement?

I tried leaving him 3 times but he would emotionally blackmail me – he even tried to commit Suicide.

My girlfriend threatens suicide if I don’t marry her

I said that I love her too but don’t promise marrying her. Now she threatens to commit suicide if I don’t marry her. Whenever I leave her she cuts herself and sends me pics in which her hand, arm etc are cut.

Tricked into marriage to an unstable wife: Is divorce the only way out?

My wife cries over small matters, creates drama and histrionics, spends money like anything, and regularly offers suicide as a solution to problems. Sometimes I feel I’m dealing with a ten year old.

A girl threatening suicide if I don’t marry her

Now am 20 and she is 19. For last 4 to 5 years, I have tried to convince her in many ways through love, through patience, and though harsh words. I tried to convince her, but she does not care; she says that when we will be together everything will be alright. She is impossible to understand by any means. I tried my best, but whenever I don’t talk to her she says she will commit suicide.

My wife and my future second wife threaten to kill themselves, help me.

I also know that i am guilty in the first place but now it has already happened. Love just happens and i wish if we all could stop it happening. If it was just my love i would have sacrified it for the sake of Allah but now its a matter of life and death.