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Can I perform my religious obligations while married to non-Muslim man to avoid punishement after death?

I very badly wanted be in touch with Allah to lessen the punishment which i am gonna get after my death as i do strongly believe in life after death. For that i know i have to perform all religious rituals… As i got married to this non Muslim guy I’m too scared to offer namaz, do fast, to read Qur’an so and so thinking that i would be punished more severely by Allah.

Would it be wrong if I converted to marry her and be together properly; though I don’t think I would do it without her?

I do not have a very extensive knowledge about religions but Islam does appeal to me. Would it be wrong if I converted so we could marry and be together properly? I do want to do it but I don’t think I would do it without her and I believe she is the thing I need to push myself to become a better person.

I want to marry my Hindu girlfriend; Is it permissible?

she is ready to read Quran along with me, pray salah, and keep fasts. I want to marry her; what am I supposed to do now? Can I marry her? Is it permissible? If I don’t marry then I will be bearing the sin of spoiling her life. Am I allowed to marry her?

I will marry a non-Muslim as I can’t help; is it right to choose him as a life partner?

I am an 18 year old Muslim girl. I am into a relationship with a non-Muslim for the past 6 years. I know that my parents will never give their consent, but I cannot help. I will marry him only. His family has accepted me, and the best part is that I will be continuing my religion, my beliefs without any restrictions.

Is my nikkah lawful or not?

Now, I’m married since Nov & pregnant & was thinking that is my first marriage actually for real I dont think it is because there were no witnesses. When I apply for my Husband whom I am really happy with to come to live in this country with me, would there be any questions from the Home Office or anything about it & is this marriage lawful?

Advice needed for pregnant non-Muslim to a Muslim mother to be.

Also I feel his parents are being unfair in forcing us to ‘marry’ it is something I want to do with him but its also something I want to spend months planning and not have my mother in law plan everything FOR ME in a matter of weeks.

I am a Muslim girl who wants to marry a Hindu boy; please help me out.

For the first year I said no because I know that my parents won’t agree(our family is very big) but later on I realized that he is the one who cares for me a lot and then I said “yes”. It was a relation of about 6 years; I used to say I will leave my parents and will marry him. Also, I said I am ready to leave everything except my religion; I told him that I pray to Allah and he said ok.

I cheated on my husband but didn’t tell him until a year later

I was in a relationship with a boy at the age of 17 and it went along for about 3 years until we decided to get married without telling our parents. The first 6 months of our relationship I had a problem of not being fully committed to him and I cheated by kissing 5 other guys during that time.

I want to marry a Hindu boy who I can’t live without but I know it is not allowed in Islam.

Whosoever is the owner of this site please answer my question I am dying eqach and every day. I love a Hindu boy and I am a Muslim girl very close to my religion he also loves me alot and want to marry me. But I am in dilemma that is it not allowed in Islam because I don’t want to make Allah angry but its also true that I cannot live without him.

Can a Muslim girl marry a Hindu man if he promises to convert after marriage for her sake?

If a Muslim girl and a Hindu guy got into a relationship and the guy promises her that he will convert to islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl. Is it okay to accept that the guy actually converted to Islam just because he has strong feelings for the girl and he’s willing to do anything just to marry her? While the girl prays to Allah in the same place where the family carries out all their hinduism culture, pooja (worship), not eating red meat etc?