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In order to pray, do I have to wash everything that has semen on it?

When I masturbate in my bed, after that I touch my pillow, books, wallet, mobile, door handle, mattress, room wall with hands. In order to pray, do I have to wash it?

Waswaas, bad thoughts

Recently I have been suffering from waswaas…

Manners of Bathroom

Is it necessary to do ghusl after this happens? And is it haram if one does his best to avoid it and is unable to?

Dream meaning about girl praying like men.

We think she is eligible for my brother… what does this dream mean?


Does this dream count as my wudhu broke?

Breaking wudu….?

Please do tell what breaks wudu?

Evil eye guidance

I’m affected by the evil eye of my friend. Unintentionally she casted an evil eye on my eyes beauty , from that day I have been facing eye problems.

Cleansing after intercourse with husband

I’m confused as to different things I’ve heard from other females regarding cleansing.

Because of Wetness do we need to take Ghusl?

It is human nature to go wet when they are excited. But do we need to take bath to get pure or just wadu would be enough?

Is my wudu broken by my health problem?

I need to perform wudu again and again. Sometimes while offering prayer it happens. I am having to change clothes for every prayer.