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It's been two months I'm affected by the evil eye of my friend.

She's not the envious nor enemy but her tongue has the capability to cause harm to that thing that she compliments. Unintentionally  she casted an evil eye on my eyes beauty , from that day I have been facing eye problems. I've decreased lot of the problem through the ruqyah of my raaqi.  Few days before the friend came to meet me , I asked for her wudu water , she poured that water on me but I have a confusion that on that day I was in my 7 days of impurity so would the water benefit me in my impurity days ?  Or shall I again ask for her wudu water  when I'll get clean ??  And shall the water be used on my whole body or just affected part ?

What other remedies does anyone knows to decrease the harm of evil eye if anyone has experienced it?  Please guide me as I'm really depressed.


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  1. Salam,

    Since you think it's evil eye, I would suggest reciting the last 3 surahs ALOT esp. surah falaq - have you read the meaning of this surah? Also, have you seen the doctor? And there is no harm asking her for it again.

    • w.salam
      the evil eye i have been facing was very hard and powerful. The day she praised my eyes, i felt a severe pain one day in my eyes and then other day i saw a black huge mark on my neck that remained visible for three days, i am wondering what kind of poison the evil eye had on me. I have been to doctors , they said there's only alergy in your eyes. but day by day the evil made it worse.
      yes i do read quran a lot and lot. spend my whole day reading it.

  2. Maybe this link will help Insha'Allah.

  3. Asalamu alaikum,

    Get her wudu water and have a shower with it. Tell your friend if she likes something, always say masha'allah etc. Continue making du'a to Allah, pray all your salaah if you not doing so. Do the morning and evening adkhar.

  4. Asak,

    You have to take shower after 10 days, pour water on your entire body inshallah you ll be in puritfy, and recite after every farz prayer i.e Surah Falaq and Surah Naaz 7 times blow over dua state position hands and through your eyes and body. MAY Allah give Shifa.
    Note: according to Sunnah


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