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What does Islam say about OCD?



I have a question unrelated to marriage problems but one which affects life in general. I wondered if anyone could provide advice about what Islam says about ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) and how to combat it.

- Petal

Wael's Answer:

Dear Petal, As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

OCD is a condition in which people have compulsive thoughts and engage in compulsive behaviors as a result. For example, a person might have an exaggerated fear of germs, and might wash his hands obsessively, over and over, all day long. Or a person might have an unreasonable, obsessive fear that the gas stove has been left on, and may check it over and over again. These obsessions and compulsions can take up hours of time every day, interfering with work, family and social life.

Many centuries ago such a condition may have been ascribed to possession by the jinn or something similar. In the Christian world, sufferers were thought to be possessed by the devil.

Today, however, with advances in modern medical science, we know that OCD is a health issue, having either psychological or biological components, or both.

According to, "Researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of. (OCD), but brain abnormalities, genetic (family) influences, and environmental factors are being studied. Brain scans of people with OCD have shown that they have different patterns of brain activity than people without OCD and that abnormal functioning of circuitry within a certain part of the brain (striatum) may cause the disorder. Abnormalities in other parts of the brain and an imbalance of brain chemicals, especially serotonin, may also contribute to OCD."

Modern treatment consists of medication or counseling, and often a combination of both. Antidepressant medicines called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are most commonly used. Examples of these medicines include Prozac and Zoloft.

As far as counseling, says: "Counseling for the disorder includes a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy called exposure and response prevention. This therapy slowly increases your contact with the thing that causes worries or false beliefs. For example, if you were worried about getting germs from things you touch, you would touch an object you believe has germs and then not wash your hands afterward. You would keep doing that until you could do it without feeling anxious. This can be hard at first. But with the help of a counselor, this therapy can reduce your symptoms over time."

So do not despair. This is a treatable condition, and with the proper treatment you can live a productive and happy life Insha'Allah.

See your physician and discuss the options for your treatment.

And Allah knows best.

If any readers have some additional advice for this questioner, I invite you to post your comments below.

(O Allah), Guide us to the straight path; The path of those whom you have favored; Not those with whom you are angry; Nor those who go astray.

Best regards,

- Wael Abdelgawad Marriage Advice Muslim Matrimonial Service


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  1. Asslamu Alaikum
    I am a graphic designer as profession. I have OCD (living hell) for a lot years. I done some medication process. But it was a little bit sedative and with my job I didnt able to continue. My problem is my mind always have some unwanted thoughts. My mind is always thinks about negative aspect about each and everything. And I am struggling with this. But in order to overcome it I always do some deeds like repeat words while talking or repeating things for some numbers. And I dont know how but in my mind there are some calculations are going on that this number has this effect and that number has that effect. I dont how it came into my mind and I know that these all calculations are not authentic. And sometimes I feel that is it occurs like a ritual and I scare that it will consider as any shirk.I try my best to offer salah. Please reply me with right points to leave this hell.
    Allah the almighty know the best.


    • Asalaamualaikum Yusuf Khan,

      Brother, I really think you need to seek medical advice and see a counsellor. You may find that this is a condition affecting other people aswell and there may be some help out there for you.


    • salam,my dearest brothers & sisters
      i am also suffuring from ocd.i hv been to doctors.they prescribe me according to their knowledge.if any one in world who get normal permanentaly may we met with him.we use little medicen which help us& then offer your preyers daily &prey from ALLAH(S W T).ALLAH will help us.

    • I am facing trouble with OCD and BDD as well which have ruined my career and whole life .Every thing in my mind repeating for ever. whether it be a song or any thought preventing me to concentrate on anything.

      • You hardly posted any details. What makes you think it is OCD or BDD? Have you been diagnosed by an expert?

      • assalam o alaikum,

        i am in the age of 28 and i have this ocd that frustrated me always in my life,,,i am so disopointed some time that i want to end my life,i visit 2 doctors for it,my life is ruined,the doctors prefered me some medications of anti depression ,that causes my married life even hard for me,please pray for me.

        • May Allah cure you from this disease....bro i want to ask you one question related to your ocd bocz i also suffer from same thing...

  2. I suffer from OCD, iv been to many docters/specialists in the field. Not one of them helped. You cant give up hope, always turn back to Allah, make duah for yourself. It is silly to even think that your condition is medical. Pure jinn influence, as every jinn docter from around the globe would confirm.

    I keep getting these very general answers from docters, "your OCD is link to your high IQ", "it is caused via an chemical inbalances in your brain", "it could be genitic", "you need cognitive behavirial therapy", "okay, so that drug didnt work, lets try this one for 6 months"

    My question always is "docter whats causing this?" he/she's reply, "we cannot give you an exact answer, but anyway lets put you on sum SSRIs pills, our research suggests it's linked"
    "docter how did this come out of nowhere?" Answer: "it can come and go" Docter sais: "ppl have OCD to reduce ther anxiety" OBVIOUSLY!!

    Seriously if drugs and councelling worked, no one will on this forum.

    Please see a Shiek who can help you, who knows the Science of Jinn and not some average Imman at your local Mosque.


    • Yes same happend to me when i asked doctor what is causing these obssessive toughts she repliyes: its hard to explane;
      May Allah forgive and cure us

    • Dear Brother....I want to share mine experience...I have done deep research from reliable sources on this OCD subject and consulted some classified psychiatrists in Pakistan(as I resides there) and also in U.S.A...and I want to be short about it the real thing is that
      psychiatry or psychology till this day is unable to find the exact source for this OCD and those theories about some so called chemical imbalance in the brain is not a fact its just a so called psuedo theory promoted by the "pharmaceuticals drug "industry just to promote there drugs in market its even reported by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) U.S.A.... if they dont even know the cause how can they cure it ??and we think they are classified psychiatrists with giagantic knowledge but the actual thing is psychiatry is field with no fundamentla knowledge or facts about illnesses or disorders its a chair with out its legs....I am not saying u should not consult a therapist or psychologiost but those drugs will cause you more severe side effects....It can cause damage to your brain.....Every case is unique and yes there are some serious psychological illnesses which needs to be addressed in both dimensions Islam and Psychology...The sources of OCD are different in every person...remove that chemical imbalance concept because its a fake theory...The answers lies in Islam most of the cases of OCD are initiated by Qareen(the jinni thats with every one of us) and when we indulge so much in waswasa it becomes disoder OCD....Obsessional thinking is just a type of waswasa its not our mind intentionally thinking on a subject...because even the psychiatrists admits that these "obsessional thoughts" are of not human nature means a person is not thinking them intentionally nor there lies a chemical imbalance or any structural falw in the brain....Its mostly due to the shaitan(Qareen)...I can give authentic proofs in this regard from quran and sunnah but I just want to be short...I had also OCD but my source was of different nature it was due to Jinn affliction(due to sihr) causing those whispers or obsessional thoughts all the time.....So I followed the treatment of sihr for resolving that issue...It can also be due to some jinni voluntarily afflicts a person to cause him distress.... Its always shaitan in the first place who initiated it and later on the more the person indulged in it it becomes psychological problem....Surah Naas is the best remedy for OCD...

    • Bro..are you sure that drug's will not help...bocz i m not much ocd patient but still have i think about doctor but your comment said its jinn

  3. Salaam Yusuf Brother,
    I hope now you will have some control on your OCD.According to me, there are three things that can control your OCD:
    1]Your religion
    2]Your environment
    I can understand your situations like repeating one thing again and again for hours,thinking one thought again and again no matter what happens.Calculating and checking things. But brother this is a tough time on you you will have to face it bravely with patience.First consult a best psychiatrist in your area and tell all your OCD symptoms and get suitable medication from him.Then offer your prayers daily and prayer from Allah to get free from OCD.Live happily in your life.
    May Allah give you potential to deal with OCD.
    Bye,Take care.

  4. Salam Haseeb,

    I thank you for your reply,

    But I'm sorry but you did not answer my question.
    I asked "What does Islam say about OCD?"

    In regards to the three things you have mentioned,
    1. Religion: I come from a very religious family, and would say I am religious also. I am continuously learning and increasing my knowledge, increasing my "amalat" or religious doings, and spending more time at the mosque.

    2. My environment: my environment is a religious one

    3. I am highly disappointed in the fact that you mentioned medication. I' have seen many doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists and all suggest medication is merely just to sedate you or numb the problem. I have also tried many of these meds and the results are alarming. The side affects are unbearable, it is impossible to wake up for fajir, let alone go to the mosque due to the sedating nature of these drugs. Any decent doctor, Muslim or not would suggest not to touch any medication.

    All these side affects and I am yet to see one patient say his OCD or Chronic anxiety has been cured or diminished to a certain extent.

    "can understand your situations" brother you have absolutely no idea what I am going through. According to the doctors I suffer from Chronic Anxiety and the strongest form of OCD. I am much past the stage of "face it bravely with patience" please remember I am a Muslim and whatever Allah gives me I am satisfied.

    Back to my question. I just wanted to Know what Islam states about Panic Attacks and OCD. Whether or not someone can shed some light on this horrific situation from an Islamic stand point

    Please remember this is not anxiety that is faced by 99% of the population. Giving generalized answers like "patience and be strong" does not help on any level.

    • salam my dear yousaf brother,
      i am also an ocd say absolutaly correct about medication.when i use medicen at night i slept senselessly & cannot abale to awake for fajar salat.when i awake my whole body become un-feel able.o my brother ALLAH will help i found a line:
      When we see this concept from Islamic point of view it seems so true because the guideline we get from Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم to avoid these whispers is: Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "Allah Most High has forgiven the wasaawis that arises in the hearts of the people of my nation until one acts upon them or talks about them"(Al-Bukhari, Al-Muslim).
      i think we should spend all money which we have use to pay our doctor fee in making our food good like fruits
      my brother i get some releaf with 1 mango per day.
      have you any suggestion for me?
      ALLAH G help us.(AMEEN)

  5. As salamu alaykum brother Yusuf,

    Please take everything I am going to share with you with a pinch of salt.

    As far as I am concerned, I´ve had people very close to me that couldn´t move with Panick attacks and had to stop working and be months going to therapy and under medication with OCD, the therapy can take years, and still doesn´t work as much as we would like to.

    This people gives up medication, for all what you say here, numbs you, doesn´t cure you, it is fine when you have an accute attack to get out of it, but in long term, in a chronic disease, the best it is to look to other side to find solutions.

    The people, I told you, they got to a point where they felt in a circle about the counselling, it is fine to learn about the process and learn tools to get out of there, but once this is done, the dependance of a counsellor it is not good either because it will feed the sickness too. Then, I really admire the counsellors that put a limit to the dependance and give homework to the patients to teach them how to deal with the situation they live in and how to become self sufficient again.

    This people has looked into improvement of their quality of life, sometimes even changing professional careers and interests, giving yourself a time out to learn the patterns of the sickness, see how evolves to an accute state, what is the "click" that awakes the accute process, then stop completely until the body gets back to normal.

    About sharing life with the sickness, I would advice to care essentially of your nervous system, through a balanced diet, with a strong focus in food rich in Vitamine B complex, avoiding completely coffee, black tea and soft drinks. Reduce to the minimum healthiest quantity the amount of salt and sugar you intake, many more products than we think have already sugar and salt, then don´t let this become an obsession just try to adjust to the healthiest way. Don´t take any food out of your bag, eat plenty of variety and as fresh and good quality as you can. ( whole cereal, vegetables, red and white meat, blue and white fish, nuts, fruits, eggs, dairy products). Don´t let your body starve from hunger, try to eat at the same times.

    Keep a routine, gives you always half an hour of margen not to be too tight, and work the flexibility.

    Go out to walk, this is enough you don´t need a stressing sport, just walking is more than enough, at least, 40 minutes, when you walk focus in your breathing, when you breath in feel how the air fill your belly and when you breath out take the air from your belly out, like the babies do, once you are used to this kind of breathing, remember here and there, without pressure to check your breathing, notice that when you are worried you stop your breathing, then consciously breath to your belly and understand your brain needs oxygen to work properly.

    With all of this we are trying to have good quality of blood that will feed your nervous system.

    Try to sleep 8 hours and better to go early to bed and get up early, if you can do it, because this way your organs will be more balanced and this includes the production of hormones. Night is to rest, recover from the day and regenerate the organs. The last meal, must be light and two hours before going to bed.

    Do the relaxation exercise you will find here:

    Now I have to go, but I will be back tonight with more tips, if you don´t mind, please if you have any doubts about anything ask me, I would tell you as much as I know about it, insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor

  6. Just a question, who are you, Yusuf, Tyler??? just to know who I am talking to.

    Thank you.

    María Editor

    • Thanks Maria for your input.

      The things you mentioned will defiantly assist someone who has just begun to experience what I have.

      As I have clearly said please do not give generalized answers. Relaxation exercises do not work for chronic anxiety and panic attacks. It takes me a few days, sometimes a week to recover from a single panic attack. The reason why doctors prescribe drugs is because these relaxation techniques are not suitable for people of this calibre.

      Going to bed and waking up early: I tried this for several months and my OCD and anxiety went through the roof due to the fact that I was forcing myself to sleep and wake up when my body didn’t want to, hence the excessive obsessive thoughts and the increased OCD (whilst waiting to sleep, or my for my body to shut down)

      In regards to your diet, I don’t drink coffee, I gave up all caffeine drinks and tea. This did not help me in the slightest of fashions.

      In regards to exercise: I go to the gym 5 days a week and play sports.

      I have already shared my views about counselling and medication above and I really think your spot on in this regard.

      I thank you again Maria and I highly agree with everything you said, but unfortunately my question remains unanswered. I understand your sharing your thoughts and trying to help but again what you have said is very general.

      I'd love to hear if you have any tips from an Islamic stand point like Hasseb has done.


      • Brother

        If you want to know the Professional Islamic view on OCD, then you will need to approach a Qualified Doctor who is also a learned/scholarly Muslim. We are not qualified to present information on such matters.

        Having said that, I do know a Psychotherapist who is also a practising and active Muslimah, I will ask her for you inshaAllah.

        SisterZ Editor

      • Salaam Yusef,

        I know I am not anyone islamically qualified, but I may have some clues you would like to know. Sorry for given you before generalized answers but only this way I could get to know you.

        Thank you very much for replying. This was written by: Reehab Ramadan In Suhaib

        "A giant of our past, Imam Al-Ghazali (rahimahullah, may God be pleased with him), faced mountains just as we all do. It is narrated that he found himself in a major life crisis, being pulled at by the dunya (this world) and doubting his own intentions. This scholar was afflicted with some kind of impediment that prevented him from speaking in his classes. He desired strongly to please his students, and attempted to continue teaching, but his mouth became numb and he was forced into silence. This was not an easy thing on Imam Al-Ghazali (ra). He found himself in a violent state of despair, unable to even swallow a morsel of bread or drink a single drop of water. He became physically weak and was sent to doctors in hopes of a diagnosis that could be treated and bring him back to his normal state. The doctors, however, despaired of saving him and said, “The mischief is in the heart, and has communicated itself to the whole organism; there is no hope unless the cause of grievous sadness be arrested.”

        It was at this point that Imam Al-Ghazali (ra) admitted his weakness. He became conscious of the weakness of his soul and turned completely to Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He). Describing his state he says, “I took refuge in God as a man at the end of himself and without resources.” It was only then that he was cured, and all his affairs were made easy on him. From his experience we can take away a very valuable lesson: internal peace will not be reached until we submit, utterly and completely, and admit that we are powerless and Allah (swt) is the All-Powerful."""

        Please forgive me because this isn´t what you wanted to listen but I appeal to your kindness to read what I want to share with you, have you had your thyroids hormones test done? If you don´t, please do it, just to put on a side a hormone imbalance. You have lot of energy, that can be a clue to study closer, if you want. One of the people I know was diagnosed after twelve years of OCD and panick attacks with this and now he is fine.

        To learn to stop is a science too. That is why I recommended you the relaxation, to train your mind and your body when you feel better. To learn to dissconect in a healthy way it is something to learn too.

        Thank you very much for your kindness listening to me.

        All my Unconditional Respect,

        María Editor

        • Maria,

          You are always pulling out the most excellent hadiths and quotes, maashAllah. This one from Imam Al Ghazali is excellent!


        • Thanks Maria.

          Imam Al-Ghazali (rahimahullah, may God be pleased with him) is one of my favorite scholars. I am very glad you chose him and to use that significant aspect of his life to share with me. His book "Ihya Ulum-Id-Din" is also one of the best guidelines a Muslim will ever get.

          Yes I have had thyroid and hormones testing done, it was one of the first things the doctor and Psychiatrist made me do. My hormones are fine humdilah.

          My Psychiatrist (Muslim) told me I was too smart, IQ was too high and this is causing my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), OCD normally just comes with anxiety. (over analyzing things etc). To be honest I thought he was very amateur to tell me this over one sitting and to quickly prescribe me medication. I went to him again and he prescribed another medication, I never went back to him again.

          My GP would tell me its a "chemical imbalance in the brain". This is a complete theory and has not been proven in any way. Majority of decent Doctors will confirm this also. Research has suggested that it that statement is a cash cow for Doctors developing these Anxiety and Depression meds.

          Like my Psychiatrist my GP basically used trial and error on me with the medication. I don't blame them, It's what they know and think is correct according to there knowledge.

          This all started after completing my masters degree and was looking for work. Just woke up one day and felt ridiculously anxious.

          • As salamu alaykum, Yusuf,

            Thank you very much for sharing and being so honest, I really appreciate it.

            When we are studying and growing up, normally if we are good students we get used to have everything under control, our efficiency goes beyond our limits, we go for perfection and we stress our nervous system till the limit, while getting our goals.

            After you did your master, you went out there to the world where you didn´t control anything, you were dependant on others´ decision, your life wasn´t anymore under your control, this is a "click" and the body answers, anxiety crisis, and it is not ridiculous, it is a scape valve for all the steam that you were accumulating during all these years of control and perfection beyond your nervous system limit.

            Why didn´t you notice the red signals not to arrive to the anxiety crisis? Because you didn´t recognize them, you didn´t know what was going on, not everyone knows how to see the signals of a stressed body and mind.

            During the crisis, you don´t control anything, just to be is a heavy task, then the only way out is to surrender to our body, he is the boss.

            After this crisis, we live in fear that this happens again, then we are scared of losing control, as a result of this fear, panick attacks and this go worse and worse, because we don´t know which is the main reason that is causing us this disturbance.

            How do we get to stop this? It takes a couple of years, maybe six months to see some results. The best therapy for me has been spiritual, but comes together with food, breathing, creative exercises, looking deep inside which is the path we came to follow in this life, learning to read the signs to stop, learn how to slow down, accept, respect, forgive, love, not judging, ... there are many little details that all together, return us to a healthy road, insha´Allah.

            This is a very personal advice, just for you:

            I assume you eat very healthy, I would give you a few tips to change the energetic charge of your food.

            1. Just once a week or every two weeks bake, roast, grill or barbacue
            2. Everyday quick boiled or steamed vegetables, greens everyday.
            3. Fish and meat always with vegetables.
            4. Nice warm relaxing soups.
            5. Raw salads, once or twice a week.
            6. Sprout wheat, let it grow, if you have where to plant it, better, eat a bit of the green daily, it has lot of properties, I can give you a link where it is studied, if you are interested.
            7. The effect of salt is to dry and tighten. Many prepared food is extremely rich in salt, some crackers, cautious in its use.
            8. Better whole grains, do you like to cook?
            9. Flour products to the minimun, specially before going to bed.

            Have you ever received shiatsu massage? It is a massage that works on the acupuncture vessels, the effect will be to balance your body energetically. There is a book "Shiatsu+Stretching" by Toru Namikoshi it will teach you how to apply it to yourself.

            Have you read the salat series of Jinan Bastaki, may help, insha´Allah

  , .

            Trying to live here and now has been a good therapy too.

            I hope you don´t mind I share with you this tips.

            All my Unconditional Respect,


          • Assalamo alecum
            your question is whats the religious approach to OCD.Its simple just like Allah has created physical diseases, the mental disorders also exist,Just as he afflicts someone with the physical problems, he tests people by afflicting them with mental problems.
            Its basically an abnormality in your brains neurotransmitters so basically here the cause is also stated in one of the prophet's hadis LAHAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLAH BILLAH is the remedy for 100 diseases,the minor being excessive worry.So try to read it as much as u can.
            Allah bless u and take away your suffering aameen.

  7. Salam,

    I think I might be suffering from OCD as I have some of the symptons and recently I have become more religious and because of this I keep on having extremely bad thoughts about it. They are so bad that I just cant stop feeling guilty; they haunt me all the time, especially at night. I have a feeling that God might be angry with me because of those thoughts since bad things have been happening recently. But my question is that are you still blamed for your bad thoughts even if you have OCD and how can I stop them?


    • Please, Ayesha log in and submit your question, this way we may be able to help you in a better way, insha´Allah. Sister, please go to the doctor and have a proper exam, diagnosis and if you are ill, medical treatment, this should be your priority, because you don´t know for sure what´s going on.

      María Editor

    • Dear Sister Ayesha

      I just wanted to reply to your comment about having bad thoughts, all I can say is - Don't Worry About Them - Everyone, absolutely everyone has these thoughts at some point or another. But I can understand that you feel you may also be suffering from OCD and so you may be more prone to unwanted thoughts, but you are not alone.

      I too have mild OCD and can occasionally get such thoughts - but I was at an Islamic Class once and the Shaiykh was talking about how to disconnect from such thoughts and his answers really really helped me with just ignoring such thoughts.

      The Shaiykh said that it is most often the Shaiytaan which produces or instigates these thoughts (as we know from the Qur'an's Surah Al-Naas; Surah 114 - which says "I seek refuge in Allah [Verse 1]......."From the Evil of the Whisperer who withdraws" [Verse 4] i.e. the Shaiytaan.

      This is one of the most common attacks of the Shaiytaan on the believers, who whispers such thoughts and then withdraws; he wants us to think that it is us thinking these awful things and then ultimately we feel guilty about this and get feelings such as "Why did I think such a thing..... I must be bad....... I have committed a sin..."

      But the Shaykh's advice for over-coming this guilt is that as soon as one gets an unpleasant thought, one should immediately think that this thought is from the Shaiytaan and immediately Cut-off the thought - (The Shaiykh clapped his hand in a sweeping severing motion to signify the 'cutting-off' - I think this physical display of the 'cutting-off' of the thought also helps one to enact the actual thing mentally - it may or may not help you to visualise it but it definitely helped me). One should just read
      'A'udhu Billahi Min Ashaiytaani Rajeem' - "I seek refuge in Allah from Shaiytaan the Accursed" and place no importance on the thought whatsoever.

      The Shaiytaan wants us to firstly believe it is us thinking the unpleasant thoughts and then feel guilty about it and then we would be going around and around in circles with the thoughts getting worse and worse. But you can just cut-off the thought in the first stage by acknowledging it is from the Shaiytaan and then placing no importance on it whatsoever. You may also want to read Surah al Naas [Surah 114] as this talks specifically about this thing and also whilst you are reading it aloud to your self it will divert your attention away from the unpleasant thought in the first place.

      I am pretty confident that Insha' Allah the above method will help you to stop worrying about any unwanted thoughts as it really helped me but if, however, you are still struggling to ignore such thoughts then just take comfort in the Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet ( Peace and Blessings be Upon Him by the Number of drops in the Oceans ) which states: ""Allah has forgiven my followers the evil thoughts that occur to their minds, as long as such thoughts are not put into action or spoken out aloud." (Reported in the six authentic books of Hadith, and explained by Imam Ibn Kathir)

      Furthermore, if the thoughts are with regards to committing any bad deeds then there is no sin written for intending the bad deed, only when the bad deed is actually committed then one sin is written in the Muslim's account. Moreover, if the Muslim intended a bad deed but didn't actually commit it, then he may actually get a good deed written in his account for doing 'Jihad al-Nafs' - [striving against the self]. Whereas on the other hand when a Muslim intends to do a good deed, then one good deed is written in his account even if he doesn't get to actually performing the good deed. And when the good deed is actually performed, the Muslim has between ten and seven hundred good deeds written in his account." [ Reported by Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah narrating a Hadith-al Qudsi). Subhan Allah. This is from the infinite Mercy of Allah Subhan Ta'ala and through the Waseelah of Our Most Beloved Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him by the Number of Grains in the Earth ) and is a special gift for the Ummah of Our Noble Nabi ( Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him by the Number of Stars in the Heavens).

      I sincerely Pray that Allah Subhan Ta'ala Helps you to overcome this problem and all other troubles in your life and May He Keep you forever within his Mercy, Guidance, and Favour. And Allah Knows Best.

  8. Salam,
    i have passed my life all in sins but for last two years i really realized what i have done, i am feeling so much guilty depressed and having ocd. I consult phsyciatrist and he diagnosed me but i am getting worst. All what happend directly and indirectly comes 2 my mind, doubt, fear, worries made me crazy i am sick of my life plz plz help me out. I m very religious now. The whole day a tape record plays in my mind till i get sleep even in my dreams sometime must b funny but fact. I m in a big trouble... Plz plz help me out

  9. Salam,

    Brother know that Allah is most forgiving and merciful, no matter what you have done.
    Make duah for us and urself, know and believe that Allah forgives.
    Even through your hardship sins are being wiped, like a cleansing process.

    My other peice of advice would be to see a OCD/Anxiety professional. They are most helpful Inshallah.

    Inshallah you get better soon.

  10. Read about waswaas you will find alot of islamic books on that subject.

  11. i have religious OCD how can i get rid of this....its....

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  12. Asslam O Alaikum,

    This might help:

    Curing Obsessive Compulsory Disorder (OCD) in 3 Steps (A Muslim talking about OCD Cure)

  13. Hey brothers & sisters.

    I have had thoughts in my head for eg I keep thinking I'm......

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  14. I’m posting this link as it might help the sufferers and their family members understand OCD better, in sha’ Allah.

  15. Dear brothers and sisters

    I read with empathy the plight of those with OCD, having lived with this condition since the age of 10. I am now nearly 50. My grandmother (who was a Christian) had it, and my mum (who is a revert to Islam) has OCPD. I am a doctor, so these are my own diagnoses in retrospect.

    I remember how it happened, just out of the blue. Some silly blasphemous remark in a short story I just read in a magazine just stuck in my mind and kept bothering me. Of course I was bewildered at that time, not knowing what was going on. Suddenly, from being a happy kid who was top in the class at school and a fast reader, I became bogged down with a foggy mind bothered by these silly thoughts that slowed down my reading and revision. I was preparing for a major school exams at that time, but really, I wasn't really stressed out or pushed by my parents. I really don't know why it happened, but I do remember a lot of silly worries about past "wrongdoings". Bear in mind I was just a kid at that time. My fear of embarrassment kept me looking normal on the surface when in public but I was fighting back the thoughts with whispers under my breath when I was alone.

    My dad was my confidante. He was a labourer but was religiously well educated, in fact he was someone whom other Muslims in the neighbourhood would turn to for religious advice and treatment (with Quranic verses) if there were any hysterical attacks in the vicinity. My mum was illiterate and never realized I had this problem until I told her just about a year ago.

    Life with OCD is a life of pain. I went on to develop other symptoms - waswas at cleaning up, apprehension at stepping on tile cracks, numbers issue, etc. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, the fight has made me into a much stronger person. My dad told me that these are merely thought crossings from shaitan and advised me to ignore them. It was not easy, but I was determined that, as this was from the enemy, I will indeed fight him tooth and nail, and fight I did. I told myself I will not allow him to destroy my life. It was hard but despite the mental strains and headaches in order to force myself to focus when reading especially revising lessons, I forged ahead, and Alhamdulillah, I scored all the way academically even in the major exam that I had to sit about five months after the onset of OCD. Of course I had to spend more time than everyone else doing revision etc, but I took that as a means of preventing myself from wasting time doing "lagho" or wasteful activities. The challenge I had to face made me value time much more than I ever did before.

    Alhamdulillah, I remained tops in school, state and university all the way through. Each success was my sweet revenge against the enemy and was my trump card to mock him back. I also remained active in co-curricular activities and was popular among friends, most of whom were very good muslims. My dad passed away when I was just turning 17, but I took it as a reminder from Allah that I must remain close to Him and seek help and protection from Him alone.

    All that time, there were numerous challenges I had to face - multiple phobias (of worms, snakes and dead bodies), premenstrual depression, etc, but Allah always showed the way out, Alhamdulillah, despite having to deal with dead bodies and real snake specimens in parasitology during my medical student days, and of course all those blasphemous thoughts which still pop into my head even now. I took up medicine to help mankind - this was secretly my dad's wish for me, may Allah bless his soul. I went on to do my Masters and Doctorate in medicine and am currently a Professor in ObGyn in a premier medical school, Alhamdulillah. I am married and have been blessed with children. One of my children has been bothered by OCD since about a year and a half ago, just as he reached puberty. It is more painful seeing one's child fighting a disease, than you fighting it yourself, but I am supporting him all the way through, InshaAllah.

    IMHO this disease has an organic, including genetic, background, and perhaps shaitan takes advantage of this potential weakness or loophole in the individual. Nevertheless, do not despair. He cannot overpower us if we do not allow him to, InshaAllah. Pull yourself together and do what you need to do for success in dunya and akhirat. This is our jihad, brothers and sisters - a mental and spiritual one, not physical arms and weapons. As the enemy is invisible, the best way, IMHO, is via silent boycott, meaning ignore him and his advances and get on with your life. With our istiqamah, he will tire out, InshaAllah, except for the occasional attempt. When attacked, smile and cut out the thought, telling yourself you know what's going on - that the thought is not yours. Frustrate your enemy! Disappoint him no end.

    I am writing this because I would like to remind myself as well as all my brothers and sisters who are suffering out there, that there is always Allah's Mercy to hold on to. Remain steadfast in your Jihad and keep striving to get better all the time, InshaAllah. Keep close to Quran and zikr as your companions. May Allah give us the strength to fight the enemy. Ameen!

  16. i am 19 years old,am from pakistan,

    and i have obsessive compulsive disorder.
    for the last more than three years i have been having compulsions,
    for example i have to close switches and taps in my house countless times and i suffer from this every single day and it is worst than helll,
    it is torture.

    i really hope that this nonsense ends,
    it has ruined my entire life and the only thing i can think about is the compulsions , like closing taps,switches, again and again,
    i really hope i am cured of this problem.

    it is ruined every thing,
    it is terrible,
    i take medicines but that only helps 30%
    i also hear voices and feel depressed,.


    • Dear Brother

      There are very useful links posted by Brothers Mohammad and Muhammad Awais Tahir above. Please look these up as they provide you with methods that you can apply by yourself in order to overcome this problem.

      In order to overcome this problem, you must prevent yourself from performing the compulsions, and in order to be able to do this, you must be brave and IGNORE the urge to repeat those things. You will find that, contrary to what the signal in your brain tells you, actually nothing bad will happen if you did not perform those compulsions, and the more you can IGNORE the urge, the nearer you will come to being cured. At first it may threaten to make you mega-anxious, but you must persevere (istiqamah). In order to be able to IGNORE, you must be brave, firm, tough and determined. In shaa Allah, you will triumph, brother. Please understand that the urge to perform those compulsions comes from Shaitan, our arch enemy, who wants to see you troubled and destroy your peace of mind and your life. So, tell yourself firmly and make a resolve that you will never let him win or laugh at you for repeating all those silly things that he wants you to keep repeating. Just ask yourself this question, why should you be scared of an enemy who is just a creature like us, and in fact, who is weaker than us? Allah says in the Quran, "Verily, the tricks of the Shaitan are weak".

      With regard to those voices, are you really hearing voices or are you actually having intrusive thoughts like "pop-ups" in your mind? Pop-ups are part of the OCD spectrum but if you are really hearing voices, then you will need a professional opinion from a psychiatrist regarding that problem as they are not part of OCD.

      Remember, brother, a high motivation to want to cure yourself is very important in overcoming OCD. To me, the best motivation comes from a strong determination to defeat the Shaitan. This is indeed your personal jihad, brother. Strengthen yourself with solat, zikr and reading the Quran.

      May Allah grant us victory over our enemy. Believe me, the strength that you need to overcome this problem is already there in yourself. You only need to use it, In shaa Allah.

  17. Salam. I have also OCD.I repeat one thing again and again for hours, thinking one thought again and again. Calculating and checking things. I am now 23 and I have ocd from my school time.
    I read SURAT RAHMAN and one time SURAT YASEEN daily and this help me a lot .Please brother recite one time SURAT RAHMAN and one time SURAT YASEEN daily.and say 100 times astaghfirullah MY brother this is very helpful. Then offer your prayers daily and prayer from Allah to get free from OCD. Live happily in your life.ALLAh help u.

  18. Dear friends I got very very bad type of ocd plz any one can help me I got only one child very beautiful like other parents I was worries about him all the time and praying for him all the time but last few mothers I started thinking wrong about him which hurts me lot I think I am the worst ever mother I got headcae all the time I keep fasting I pray a lot for him even in midnight if possible I start reading nafals for him but I can not control my thinking o am so restless so worried if anything happen to him I will not forgive myself infact I will not live in this world I wrong thing stuck in my mind it never goes I can not tell my this problem to any one I feel shame and sometime I can not believe is this I am thing plz can any one help me thanks

    • Repeat Audhu billahi minashaitanir rajeem many times during the day and night.

      Repeat, "Astaghfirullahal Athweemal-Lathee Laa ilaaha il-laa huwal Hayyul Quayyumu Wa Atoobu ilaihi" (70 or 100 times a day)

      Repeat, "laa ilaaha illal'lah wahdahu laa sharika lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu, wa huwa `ala kulli shay’in qadir" 100 times anytime around the day or evening.

      Listen to Ayat Al-kursi - repeated for one hour .

      Play Surah Al-Baqarah everyday in your home.

      Don't forget to keep up with your regular salahs, and then when you pray your nafal salahs at nights, ask Allah to cure you. InshaAllah you will be okay.

  19. salam,

    my name is ali and i m 26 years old.i had ocd for last 10 years .it started due to being tortured by my cousins through out my life.i went to usa for studies ,had to came back due to bad since 7 months i am having repeated thoughts of suicide.i also feel extremely guilty due to different reasons and my mind says to become insane as i m so bad .once i was talking to one girl on internet and i ignored her ,she was on cam naked i went offline since one week this thought is coming she might have become mad i should become mad too.i dont know what to do.plz help me anyone how can i get rid of suicide thoughts and madness thoughts?

    • Assalam alaikum Brother,

      You should consider writing a post with more details so that others can offer you their advice and experience.

      In short, you should consider seeing a counsellor for the OCD and on a personal level, start doing a lot of dhikr. OCD thoughts can be a vicious circle--so you almost have to combat it with the same style it hits you with by spending many of your thoughts on remembering Allah swt and seeking refuge in Him.

  20. I am 17 years old I have just passed matric since my first class I have been a position holder ,a good batsmen,speech competition wins ,quiz wins. But either it is examination era or non examination era I am always acting different from others and even my family members , teachers, friends,invigilators considerd me a pshychtic patient I am not 100./. $ure that I am an ocd suffered but some similar symptoms r as follows1.getting the batting pitch cleaned 2.arranging bed sheets, not realizing the importance of time I in 9th class was at 4 number out of 180 students despite of possesive and tensed behaviour I got 12 position in boys in board and then 10 class started I know thought that matric has been secured and in summer vacations I contacted with one my cousin who was a pshologist during 3 hours discussion I told and discussed each and every aspect I remembetd then in start of august 2013 she started counselling me and I was even getting positive results but then my study was getting ruined because first time in life I was doing against my mind limitationse e.g Facebook ,parties , unlearning even in tests but because for each subject we were having a schedule of 11 tests and each Monday maths each Tuesday physics like that , then in October send up exams I failed in 3 subjects and got 63./.Marks with 20 ./. Marks lost due to repeated compulsions , regret of wasting time,and two biggest mistakes that made me live sad all the day so far were:1) following my counsellors advice negatively and on a risky time2) telling my subject teachers about my problems when they all got angry on my results , one of friends wasted my time by telling himself a girl in December I realized but when 2 months 22 days were remaining I decided to burn ships and burn midnight oil and then school, study, tution, scheme, percentage etc were popping up all the time in my mind but with great support of parents some teachers and a few friends I got 88./. Marks in 10 class and aggregate become 91 so I have had made a come back know 1$t year has been started for 15 days and again same challenges have came and. I have just one power and ie "come on khizar u have been a brilliant student". Now due to all these complexities despite of my control still. I'm. Facing slow speed. Slow reflexes. Sad and regret fellings ,mono laughing,I have extreme feeling toward Islam , knowledge ,$kills etc so. Now. I want to. Merge. Some related videos(from some movies) ,$ome pics, some audios , some comments (like u are god gifted ,u r above average intelligence similarly. ; $0me negative opinions about me" I want to do something memorable for Islam Pakistan before I die but even with this strong intention my problems are blurred. And I am confused whether I consult some hypnotherapist or Islamic scholar or mind scientist or I should either leave study until I am cured .I know this is very lengthy but may Allah Almighty help me to resolve this apparently great problem. Thanks. One thing I wanted to tell that on every moment where I had to be perfect I control temporarily and sometimes even dominate the other people and I would never give up inshallah !!!!!

  21. Dear Brothers & Sisters ,

    I have passed for such long under the woeful impact of OCD and Waswas - Hopefully , you shall insha-Allah learn a lot from my experience and the solutions that alhumdulillah I have collected after years of hard work .

    May Allah keep us all in the ambit of his safety and Eema'n -

    Here are the solutions for most common types of waswas and OCD

  22. is it waswas or it occurs for imbalance of serotonin..?

  23. I have ocd staring disorder since 5 years. I stare at people's private parts unintentionally. I pray and read quran as well . I know this is Shaitaan waswasa. I haven't visited any therapists yet. I also listen to quran so it can heal me. I'm trying to come out of it. Please make dua for me.

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