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Did our actions count as Zina?

A few years ago, I was in a haram relationship. I have now changed and am much closer to religion Alhamdullilah, but I worry that if I’m not a virgin, it reduces my status as a woman…It would make me feel so guilty.

Constant doubts about my prayer

I’ll be in the middle of the prayer and then start thinking “did I repeat the same soorah in both raka’as? did I say the tashahud? Did I read a soorah after al fatiha?” and many more.

Ultra-controlling husband is suffocating me

My husband grew up without affection, and when he saw how affectionate my family is, he decided that we are all perverted. Since then he controls my behavior down to the tiniest detail.

I am having mental illness, will Allah accept my prayers?

I am praying all the time but bad thoughts disturb my prayers. Will Allah accept my prayers because I never ever mean those things?

My husband has OCD

Every girl dreams of a perfect marriage, if only I could tell every dream comes true…

Abusive and Unhappy Relationship

I constantly think of when I married my wife. How I wish that I had that time again and I would have chosen differently… For me now there is no way out…

OCD about my sexuality is driving me mad!

I have become so sick to the point that I can’t eat or sleep, the only time I am not thinking about this is when I am sleeping.

bad waswas hurting a lot

I do tauba again and again, but I’m not getting out of this situation. It means I myself become a satan, because satan is empowering me badly. I don’t want to live more, and want peace of mind. I wish to harm my brain so that these thoughts don’t occur. I bcome psycho and I don’t want to talk anyone. I become aggressive and want to live alone.

Divorce from OCD suffering ex-husband has left me severly depressed

I recently got divorced and feeling really depresssed all the time,cant concentrate in anything…Is divorce written in one’s fate or is just because of ur own faults…i dont know. My Ex husband had OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder).was afraid of getting contaminated by germs,he was afraid of madcow disease

Whispers from Shaitaan or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I am working in a engineering college as a lecturer, and I am married. I am being affected by Waasaawis(whispers from shaitan). This problem is there with me right from my 12th standred (From Last 13 years). While doing Wadhu and Offering namaz irrelevant evil thoughts come to my mind due to which I am feeling problems while doing Wadhu and Namaz. While offering namaz I suddenly forget how many rakat of namaz I have offered and confusion starts.