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Struggling with University, is this Allah’s plan?

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I am a student at University. I recently changed my major to accounting because that is the field I think I want to pursue. However, due to my recent grades I may not be able to continue studying accounting. I feel lost because it seems I am once again not able to go down the path I want to.

I questioned whether Allah has another plan for me or if I messed up on the one he intended to for me. I know I need to do better in school but I'm feeling very discouraged. I want to be able to take care of my family, especially my parents who take good care of me. I also don't know how to tell my parents about my bad grades. They're going to so disappointed.

Is this what Allah planned to happen to me? I feel like I hit rock bottom and also came to a cross roads. I don't know what path to take or what to do.


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  1. dear salimah,

    I too am a university student, its 4:12am and I am still awake, because I'm facing a similar
    problem as you stated. Its funny because I am visiting this site after quite a long time,
    hoping for some motivation and this post is on the head line, good coincidence eh.

    I too am pursuing an education for a career which may or may not work out for me. I always
    had this idea and belief that when I reached 22, I will be able to sponsor my education,
    help out my family and make something out of myself. I have awesome parents. But none of
    that happened, I never worked hard enough to make all my beliefs come true.

    But I have a poster hanging in my room which reads a verse about faith, it says, "Faith is
    being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see". Every single time I feel
    low I look at this and get some kinda motivation to get out there and show em how its done.

    I know how you feel, I feel insecure too, worrying about my future, my parents and their
    beliefs about me, I don't want to let them down either, I don't want them to feel that their
    son was a failure. But I never hide any thing from my parents, owing to how awesome they
    are, because I've don;t know any person better than mom and dad in this whole wide world. I
    too am in my cross roads thinking about all the opportunities I've missed and all that I've
    could have been.

    I've been down and out once, I messed up bigtime in my 12th grade thanks to an accident,
    emotionally down, zero motivation, felt like I had no future at all. but one night I prayed
    to allah laying down with the faith of a little kid, I said "you put me here for some
    reason, and you better help me out for I've got no one else to ask help for, please help me
    god", the next day I woke up and everything else was different. I started my life with a
    whole new chapter, I studied hard, cleared the exams and now I feel I am reaching the same
    state of mind, But i ain't afraid you know why, I've got faith in allah and in me.

    I don't know much about life and I don't have the age to give advice to anybody, but I sure
    know this, some day you're gonna be all successful and awesome, looking through the window
    of your fancy office thinking about these days when you were all worried and thanking allah
    for what he has given you. All you are facing is this path is gonna lead you to success one day, for there is no gain without pain.

    Have faith in god and yourself........Its make a difference and its makes miracles happen!!

    Take care!! Don't worry be happy!!!

    • Abbaas says: I never worked hard enough to make all my beliefs come true......I know how you feel, I feel insecure too, worrying about my future, my parents and their beliefs about me, I don't want to let them down either

      You need to figure out a way to worry less and work hard. Find some one who can tutor you. Stressful family environment may be contributing to your inability to achieve your goal.

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Sometimes we encounter what seem to be obstacles in our path, but with hindsight we see that what happened was for the best. We cannot see what our future holds, but we can trust in Allah's plans and in His love for us.

    It might help to speak with your tutor or college advisor, to see what your options are for studying. It might be that you could re-take a semester or a year, or switch to a related major but keep your accountancy as a minor so that you still get some recognition of your work. Your university will probably have a careers advice service, so it might help to speak to them - do your career plans need a particular degree or are there alternatives? Another thing to do would be to think about what is causing you to struggle with your studies - is it a time management issue? do you struggle to read things as quickly as other people seem to (that might indicate a problem such as dyslexia, which can be supported by your university and shouldn't cause many problems with the right support)? do you have difficulty in organising your workload or your revision? are your revision strategies less effective than they could be? A lot of universities have study skills courses or advisors specialising in helping people with their study techniques, so it might help to look into this.

    Your parents may be sad that you are struggling, but would probably be more sad if they found out later that you were having problems and didn't feel able to tell them. Most parents want the best for their children, and want to help their children succeed and be happy. If you tell them you are struggling, they may be able to help you, for example by relieving you of some of your duties in the house so that you can spend more time studying.

    Midnightmoon editor

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