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Beaten and verbally abused all my life, now lost and hopeless

A lifetime of abuse has taken a toll on me and I now have many physical illnesses that have me vomiting very often and have made me incredibly physically weak, as I feel dizzy and faint of stress, fear and exhaustion.

Moving out from an abusive home – I need advice

I’m being emotionally abused at home and am wondering if it would be a sin to move out. I’ve considered suicide.

Does Islam protect abusive parents?

I get it parents are to be cherished no matter how they are. But this also means we can’t protect ourselves. Emotionally abusive parents are evil masterminds.

Marriage Advice – father won’t allow

My mom is telling me I need to stop talking to him.

Forced marriage and very abusive family?

My wedding is set to be January 2017 but I will never stop trying to fight it off. As of now though and my main concern is: How do I put up with this abuse without killing myself?

I’m messed up because of my terrible parents

How can I get along with parents who always treated me badly? I am messed up and have anger management problems because of them.

Should I run away from home?

My parents are not ready to understand this, and he has to deal with his family too. Now I am just planning to run away from my home…should I? My father forgave me and he felt guilty for what he did. He tried to give me love, but I got annoyed because he makes me eat or makes me sit when I don’t want to. Should I leave my family and just go?

Don’t have courage to request parents to perform Nikah again

I want to go back to my husband after few months if he really can skip this bad habit. Now my question is i want to perform my nikha again. But i don’t have any courage to ask my father to be my wali and its also impossible to engage any of my relative here.

My mother does black magic but my fiance and his family don’t believe me

Sometimes, I feel as if he’s only pretending to agree (the little he does) with me for the sake of his lust. I mean I can still understand if others don’t get why I don’t have good relations with my parents, but this guy knows everything.

Verbally abused by parents, should I leave home?

I’ve tried to get my parents on the same level as me to pray more gain more knowledge etc but it’s failed. I have been threatened by parents, called bad names and more and I cannot go on like this.