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Depressed and confused about this relationship

I got married because of staying away from sin. Before marriage all the time he forced me for physical relation… I can’t accept him from heart.

In Desperate Need For Advice As My Life Is Falling Apart

I am beginning to feel hopeless and not good enough for him. I don’t want him to leave me – I would be broken without him.

I feel guilty – should I tell my husband?

He beat me and would lock me in the home. But now he’s the world’s best husband. I feel guilty for having a phone friend and doing zina with them.

I haven’t completed iddah but he wants me back…

I want to believe it but I can’t because he broke a lot of promises and expectations that has destroyed our family.

Help for a lost mom with 10 kids

My question is are we divorced and how would I know if he has divorced me? Thank you very much.

The guy I love wants sex before marriage

I was heartbroken when he said that he wants to leave me because now that I have been physical with him I feel like I must marry him and I belong to him. So I cried and begged him to be with me and promised I won’t ever interfere in his bad habits like drinking, cursing, smoking or sleeping with other girls.

My wife has mental health problems and is abusive – what should I do?

Should I really just forgive her and live this miserably that I can’t even talk to her about anything, shopping or travel or serious issues….anything. Or what do I do? I don’t want my kids turn out like her.

Black magic took me from my family and into an abusive relationship

I am scared of what I do, what happens to me and what if anything else happens to me…To know I had this done to me hurts me. Every time I think about it, it kills me and I feel like they ruined my life!!

Should I marry him, even when he is being unfaithful?

He says that he could never commit to one woman but would still want to marry me. He moved in with one woman and is bouncing between two houses. He even got one of the women pregnant.

Am I wrong to want to care for my father? Why is my husband preventing me?

His girlfriend sent me pictures of their holiday whilst I was planning our wedding. He often hit me. I still obey him and always have. Do I not visit my father – my husband has no reason to say no but still does?