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Am I divorced?

Now that I am interested in remarrying my ex-husband is suddenly claiming that we are still married.

Deception has shaken our marriage – what should I do?

Recently he told me that he has a daughter looking for him. His whole family knew and kept it secret from me for years. I feel absolutely betrayed and heart broken.

Should I get a divorce?

I know if I ask my husband for a divorce he will fight me on it because he doesn’t want to lose me, but oddly enough he doesn’t want to work on keeping me.

The biggest decision of my and my son’s lives

I live alone sleep alone, eat alone, did Ramadan alone, cook alone, clean alone, come home from work to empty house no warmth of a wife’s smile. No laughter of my child. It’s so hard.

He wants to marry me but doesn’t want my son

He wants me to give physical custody of my son to either my parents or his own father. He says my son can’t stay with us.

Concerns about my Muslim boyfriend’s relationship with his ex

I will never deny him the right he has as a father to his children – he should be there for them and help in raising them – but my issue is the amount of involvement he has with the so called ex wife.

Am I doing the right thing? My wife and I want a child and this seems the only way…

I have decided to marry a second woman without a child, medically capable of bearing a child. She would be bearing my child for us which will be raised by my first wife. There are no compulsions at all if my second wife would want to meet or want to see her child. We can have more who shall be solely taken care by the second wife.

The past is haunting us

She lost custody of her children due to relocation with me. She can have them back if she moves back, but we can’t effectively have a relationship if she moves back.

What are his rights?

I am thinking to stop seeing him for once and all, unless he recognizes the child as his.. but I do not wish to take that step forcefully.

Custody problem with a non-Muslim biological father

We have two boys from my wife’s previous relationship, which was out of wedlock. We have to deal with the custody issue. What can I do to support my wife?