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Regarding children conceived out of wedlock

What if the child’s biological father eventually wants to connect with the child?

I got a girl pregnant, what should I do?

I had an affair with a girl. Later I found out she got pregnant and had a baby. What should I do now? And whose fault is it?

Is our relationship valid even though we’re not married?

My problem is, I was going to marry her, but then, our visa to become immigrants here in the US got approved, and since I can’t move in the US as married that time, we cancelled the wedding. I am planning on going home next year once I earn enough money and get my citizenship. She embraced Islam, not because of me, but because it was her choice.

My husband has a baby with another woman; What are his and mine duties?

Problem is the other woman still wants to be with him so I am not comfortable with him going there to visit the baby. On the other hand if I allow the child at our home how do I explain it to our 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son? Also are we not magnifying the sin as this is also a sin?

Want to marry him, but I feel he is afraid. Should I give up hope?

I am a sister in need of some guidance. I have a muslim man that I was seeing and being intimate with since 2007. He opened my eyes to Islam. We have a child together…

How can I tell my ex’s muslim parents that I am pregnant?

Me and my son’s father aren’t together, and he said he would never tell his parents or anyone about the baby. I’d like to know how I should come about telling them? I have their phone number, address etc.

So many mistakes, I have no idea how to set things straight again

I am a muslim girl but have been a very bad one for the past 4-5 years, though I always had my faith in Allah it was always on/off I guess the Satan came in the way too many times, I had been in a relationship with a muslim guy for 3 years we were in love but I had done other bad things before him as well…

My husband has conceived a child with his mistress

My husband cheated on me with a woman & conceived a child and continued to cheat. He hasnt married her & he admits that she’s not good wife material for him & that it wouldnt benefit me.

Is our child haram?

I would like to know if the child is haram who is born to a Muslim couple who are not married but living together?

Her husband says her child is haram

The question is, what shall they do with the child because her husband tells her the child is haram child. She wants Allah forgiveness but she didn’t know if she was forgiven already, she’s praying and asking Allah’s forgiveness for almost a year now.