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Divorce or what? I am suffering every day.

I dont have love for my wife mainly because she is chubby/fat and she has almost no sex drive.

My wife can’t have children

My wife was okay with the idea of getting a second wife at first but then changed her mind.

Second marriage after being cheated on by wife

Am I thinking on right track lines for having second wife a practicing Muslima in order to bring some consolation for myself? I also know that being a practicing Muslim I will have to do justice with both and InshaAllah I will try my best to do justice.

Polygamy, finances and my rights as a 2nd wife?

As much as I dreamed of having my own husband to love, I have had to think long and hard and now think being a 2nd wife to someone is my only option…

Can I marry my wife’s widowed sister?

My wife’s brother-in-law expired due to illness. Can I marry her widow sister to support her?

Can she be my second wife?

Is it is possible to marry with the daughter of sister in law?

Advice about how to handle wife’s past

Sometimes I feel weak because of her past and my male ego gets very hurt… If she was married before, but never committed any unlawful deeds such as premarital sex it would be much easier for me to handle.

Sexually frustrated

After not having sex for a year during the pregnancy, I sat with my wife and explained that I cannot continue like this. Either our marriage will fall apart, or I would be taking a second wife as soon as the opportunity arise.

What are female rights to sex?

Please tell me my rights as a female on sex? Is it wrong for a female to ask for sex? I also need tips in how I can make him more attractive and intimate with me…

I can’t choose between him and my parents. What should I do?

He is the only one I have felt for in my entire life. I can’t hurt him; I can’t hurt my parents and turns out, I can’t even kill myself as it is haraam. Where should I go? I have known that Islam gives females the right to marry with choice. Yet the same Islam asks us to love our parents and do good to them. Love them and be merciful to them as they have been to us.