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Tribal Laws Marrying Brother’s Widow

Tribal law says that, because children are involved, my fiancé must marry his brother’s widow…

Caste getting in the way of marriage

I cannot talk to my mum about this as she will not agree as he is not our caste and she thinks I would be too young.

In love with the man who took away my virginity, but parents won’t accept him

I don’t want to lose my family, but it’s haram for them to refuse/reject him just because he’s from another culture.

My family are not letting me marry the girl I want!

I don’t want my relationship with my family to be bad because of a girl but at the same time I love this girl and I can’t let her go.

My parents care about society, but I care for him

He is ready to marry me without dowry or any other cultural rituals; I mean only nikah. But my parents want me to get married to a professional by giving dowry, money and other things etc. They say that if I get married to that boy, they will have their heads down in society as he studied only up to tenth. But he is strictly religious, namazi and away from girls.

Do I need consent to marry based on race?

I’m a Pakistani and the guy I would like to marry is a Jamaican Muslim (convert). He has been a Muslim for over a year now and is on the straight path Mash’Allah.

Cultural parents not allowing me to marry Latino convert sister

I have came to know of a convert Muslim sister that is looking for marriage. After speaking to my mother about getting married to this convert who is of Hispanic origin, my mother was quick to shoot down that suggestion because she is not of “our” culture.

My parents will disown me if I don’t divorce my husband

My mother refused to arrange a wedding party because my husband was not from the same country and she felt it was an embarrassment… 2 years later they have told me I either divorce him or forget that they are my parents.

I have different ideals than my family

I am not talking to my mother, I don’t feel happy in the house and I want to get out. I have different ideals than my family.

I fear my family will not agree with our relationship

I’m worried about my family not accepting him because of his family affairs and education because my family is very educated.