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The guy who wanted to marry me married someone else out of the blue. I feel so lost.

He was interested in me, then he ghosted me (disappeared) and married someone else. Should I keep waiting for him?

Is praying to Allah for marrying the person I want Haram?

I got into this relationship thinking we would have a future, but he does not seem to be that interested in me.

Duas to solve the family problems and to get the loved one as my husband

I sincerely want to get married to him but at first my family problems should be solved.

Dua to change his mother’s mind?

I want to know any dua’ to make his mother change her mind and let him marry me.

Depressed deaf woman

I feel no one wants to marry because of my deafness…

I want to marry her

Please tell me a dua that will get me and her back together and married asap. And we will be happy again and not have any issues.

Dua for love marriage

I love a guy… I want dua to realise him that I am interested in and want to marry him.

Depressed and desperate to get married

I feel like allah is testing me, but wallahi it is too much burden for me it feels soo heavy… everywhere I see in my country there is fitna…

How to convince Allah to accept my duas for marriage?

I have liked this girl since 8 years now. She is a good friend of mine and I have told her as well but she does not feel the same about me. However, I can’t seem to move on.

Dua to convince parents for love marriage

There is in no way my family would agree to this marriage. Please help me and guide me what I can do?