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I want to marry her



If someone could please give me some sort of advice it would be great as to what Islam as to say,

I have committed haram i.e. sex before marriage, The girl i was with cheated on me, However i have forgiven her i still have feelings for her and want to marry her. Can anyone tell me what should i do? She does have feelings for me but at times she does not want to be with me and other times she does. What should i do in regards to this?

Can anyone please tell me a dua that will get me and her back together and married asap. And we will be happy again and not have any issues. Thanks

Many allah accept my forgiveness and accept our Dua's! Ameen.


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  1. Brother Ali,

    As this is the second time your question is posted i will try to offer advice although some information is missing.

    Both of you sound young. It seems unstable. Maybe you are not mature o be a relationship together right now. Maybe she needs to grow. Find herself. Maybe she will change maybe not. But in marriage you can't just not want to be together some of the time. It's a commitment.

    I dont think relationships should be forced. If you are young then you have plenty of time for marriage. Maybe she is not for you? She cheated. Does she regret? Can she stop? You cheat (usually) when you are not satisfied for whatever reason in your own relationship. It creates trust issues. It doesn't sound like she is as interested as you in pursuing a marriage. It should be mutual decision without force or pressure. Its hard to look inside the heart of another human and judge.

    Wrt. to premarital sex, what you have done is past and cannot be changed. You have repented So forget and move on.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    Best wishes

  2. Salaam brother
    I pray you are in the best of health Ameen
    Firstly brother, this lass has cheated on you, read the early signs that if she's done it once then she can do it again, I hope not but there's nothing to say it may not happen.
    Secondly she sometimes does /doesn't want to be with you is your second sign to rethink whether she's the right one.
    seriously think about marriage because at the back of your head you will be thinking who is she with? Where is she gone? Who is she on the phone too?
    If that's how you want to live your life then that's upto you but also do istikhara for guidance from Allah swt.
    I wish you all the best brother.
    Keep me in your Duas


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