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Speaking to family about conversion to Islam

I am struggling between living by my faith or living to keep my parents happy and in my life.

An unhappy marriage

I want to divorce my husband and go to my ex… I want a family with the person I truly love.

Being forced to marry but I love someone else

My parents have beaten me, threatened to disown me or send me back to our home country… My father even said he would divorce my mother if I don’t agree.

Confused about engagement

My mother wants me to stand strong and oppose my father which I am unable to do.

What should I do?

I’m seeking suggestion about family harassment… I have faced lot of insult.

Don’t know how to approach getting married

I know that my fate is already written by Allah swt, and I know I need to put my faith and trust in Him. However I also feel like I need to do something about it as it won’t just land in my lap.

Trapped between family relationships

Things got bad between my wife and parents as my father took things in his hands in my absence… One day my wife got very sick and instead of taking her to the hospital my father left her at her parents place.

My marriage is postponed because they can’t find a girl for my soon-to-be brother-in-law

I am engaged to a boy who is the 2nd son of the family out of 4. The elder son is not married and we all are trying to find a good match for him. Unfortunately its failing. Due to this my marriage is getting postponed since my marriage and my elder brother in law marriage needs to be done together. Both the families are tensed. Is there any islamic solution which can help me.

Help us, forced marriage has kept us apart

I am deeply in love with one of my cousin’s sisters and she loves me too. 3 months back she was forcibly married against her choice with a guy who she doesn’t like. Now she’s living a frustrated life.