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Forced to give up marrying the person I want.

My father says himself that to him nothing is more important than honor.


Want my nikkah but parents don’t agree yet

He dad didn’t disagree with my choice but he said I need to complete my degree before I can marry him.

I’m shy to tell my father I want to get married

I want to have someone there for me to protect me. I want someone who I can worship Allah with.

Remarriage of a divorced women in Islam

Please can you help me to know how I can marry that man without the consent of my father as someone told me that without consent of father I can’t marry?

My father is blocking my marriage

My own father dis-owned me. He blocked my naseeb & on top of that won’t forgive me for not wanting to marry his friend’s son.

I want to marry him but everything is against us

I had a sinful relationship for three years. Now I want to marry him, but everything is going wrong.

Abusive father won’t let me marry

He said the reason is because he said no and I should obey. I have to follow his command because else he will kill me … he also said that he will burn my face…

My dad won’t let me marry an older man.

I do want to marry him. My family knows about this but my dad is completely against it. He says it’s either him or this man. My mom agrees, and my older brother said that if his character and religion are good, then there shouldn’t be an issue. My dad admit that he is against it because he is afraid of what people will think–that his daughter married someone a lot older.

When a father does not wish for his daughter to marry, can she get married with her mother’s permission?

my brother and sister does not support because they dont want to spoil their image in front of father for me. my sister is married and my brother is abroad.
in all this situation, should i get married with one of those proposals? my mother is willing for it and so do i. what islam says if father behaves like this?

I want to get married but my father isn’t helping

I am a Muslim girl… 25 yrs… and i wanna get married… but the problem is my father he isnt doing anything for me… I can’t search a suitable match for myself that’s not allowed for a Muslim girl?