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I am 34 muslim woman and not married yet!

I can’t help but being negative, anxious, frustrated and feeling like I just want to be alone.

Missing my husband

Our entire marriage is based on whatsapp.

Newly married but still not consummated…

My wife thinks it will happen on its own. I unfortunately am often stuck with loosing my patience feeling rejected and less of a man.

Heading for divorce

I just can’t stop crying because the guy I married was meant to be my support system but I’m feeling more alone than ever.

My education is going nowhere

Why is it so hard for me? I pray to Allah why is it easy for some but me it’s very hard.

He is married and moved on but I still love him

I think if I will be marry someone then I will forget him, I do dua to Allah but my dua is not acceptable.

Drifting away from deen/Allah

I am angry, I am lonely… it is hard when everyone who sins is getting married and I am just waiting.

I’m tired of being the good girl!

But now I want all of this to end. I want to move out and get my own place, I want to party, drink and have sex. I don’t want to wear the Hijab or abaya anymore. I want to get fast money and it doesn’t have to involve in sex/men.

Losing temper at small things

Much as we love each other, we are both getting extremely short tempered. I can’t seem to deal with it anymore. This reason is no base to divorce him. But I’m finding it so hard to make this marriage work.

He loves me but does not want to have any sexual relationship with me

He says he loves me and he cares about me… But he never wants to have sex with me… I tried everything…