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I wanna kill myself, I need advice badly

I am in so much pain. He destroyed my innocence… Many times I took knife in my hand…

Rejecting His Proposal Was A Huge Mistake

When my parents asked me whether I agree to the proposal or not, the only answer that came from within me was ” No”. Since that day I have been regretting it and praying harder for Him to come back.

My husband is dominating, possessive, and mentally tortures me

My father made that pact after finding out that my husband had lied to all of us regarding his qualifications (the truth is he is not even 10th pass, and I have a master’s) and his family status. Even I was lied to, but I forgave him as I did marry him thru the court 2 years before our nikaah.

Want to get married but have family responsibilities

I fell in love with a guy it was a pure feeling from the beginning. He supported me through all my ups and downs. We wanted to marry each other from the beginning. It was a long distance relationship mainly because he studied away from home..we called each other and hardly met… Now as he has finished his studies and wants to marry me as soon as possible… I can’t be so mean to ignore the needs of my siblings and desert them by marrying…and also I cant wait myself for such along time without marrying..

Need a new born baby for adoption!

I was admitted to hospital and delivered twin still born baby girls with all the physical and emotional pains! My dear husband buried the small 500 gms babies in the grave with his own hands while I was crying in hospital bed! This happened exactly 15 days back! Due to my disease, I may or may not get pregnant again.

How to move on from what we left behind?

The things we experienced there…I can’t even talk about them. Every time I remember, it makes me cry. We are living with my parents which don’t understand the reason I am Muslim. However they let us stay with them. My husband’s family is still in Syria. I can’t bring them here, and I can’t help them in anyway. We don’t even have a job yet.

I feel so guilty. Am I the cause of my wife’s death?

One fine day my wife was on leave and she also wanted me to take leave. So i lied to my headmaster saying my wife is suffering from fever and she is hospitalised…

The boy I love lost his virginity to someone else

Salaam. I’ve just joined this site and I was wondering if I could get any advice. I’m 17 years old and my best friend who is a male is a 2 years older than me. We have a good friendship – no physical contact. We both wish to marry INSHALLAH in the coming years when we are of suitable age. I’ve known him for 1 1/2 years, and we mean a lot to each other.

I am engaged to be married but my ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me

2 years back I fell in love with a guy who wanted to marry me, we did not intend to have any romantic relationship instead wanted to get married but my family refused but we kept on talking as it was really hard for us to be apart after the attachment…

I am heartbroken, overwhelmed and ashamed for what I did. Please help me I want my fiance back

I was engaged to a brother. We had the right intentions and were doing things in the correct way. No private contact, no private meetings. The first time we met alone, we both tried to get a third party but were unable to, and I was leaving the city so we ended up meeting alone.