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I lost my virginity and I want to repent.

I am 16 years old and recently (about 2 weeks ago) I lost my virginity to my boyfriend (who is also Muslim). I never planned on losing my virginity before marriage. The moment we had intercourse I was scared and regretted it. I told him to stop then I don’t know why, but I started to cry. I just don’t know what to do at this stage, even though I am guilty for having intercourse before marriage I did it again anyway afterwards.

Should I leave him as he won’t marry me or just stay for the sake of our children?

I have been in a relationship for 5yrs with a Pakistani man and I have 2 children with him and my other children all think he is their dad. He wont marry me. I new him for 18months before we got together when my daughter was just born then I had my son and he still wanted relationship with me. I do everything myself I take nothing from him he gives me nothing in return. Also I didnt find out till after a few years he has a wife and has kids with her; now I feel very trapped.

We text and call each other; I just want to know if it’s right or wrong to do so before marriage?

Prior to my graduation; I met a Muslim girl 3 years ago who is born and raised Muslim, from the same ethnicity/background as mine. Long story short; we both exchanged text massages, calls and even met a couple times (public/private) Istaqfurullah. Its something I regret now. have decided to marry this girl but I am financially not ready. I am aware of the talks and text we are doing is haram so in that case I would like to do atleast a nikah but at this point what I am thinking is that we are in Ramadan. Should I keep talking to her or exchange text massages or wait till nikkah and cut contact with her.

I am having evil thoughts about the girl I wish to marry due to her past and can’t decide what to do? Please help

am a new Muslim, and 20 years of age and I am having some issues concerning relationships. I’ve known this girl for about nearly all my life and its beeen 3 months now since we confessed our love for each other but we’ve been in love for more than a year and I knew she loved me and that I loved her. I’ve never had sex in my life even though I wasn’t Muslim all my life and have been in several relationships but she told me just recently that she did have sex before with her previous “boyfriend” and he forced her? I cry every night asking for Allah’s help and every time I think about leaving her my heart aches and I just cant do it. I’ve never loved anyone like this in my life, to the point I would fall sick whenever I dont communicate with her.

My Muslim friend is in a relationship with a Hindu guy; I feel guilty and want to end our friendship.

The problem is that her boyfriend is Indian and he is not Muslim. She says that she is Muslim but doesn’t want to pray, fast, wear hijab or do anything else. She said that once she joked around with my dad about marrying an indian non-Muslim guy; he got angry and said that he will never accept her as his daughter ever again. There is no way he would convert and become a good Muslim as he is not interested. To be honest I really don’t think that he is going to marry her.

Tried really hard but I just can’t get to love him! I am thinking of divorce.

I’ve been married for nearly 6 years and I’m not happy! It’s funny how my family + friends everyone else around me think that I’m very happy in my marriage an couldn’t be merrier. Before I got married I was in a loving relationship with someone for 3 years. Moreover it was serious, so much happened in those 3 years! It felt like I had experienced a life time with him; he was there for me when I needed him even in the saddest times. we hardly make love 5-6 months go by, and that’s how it is.. my hubby presumes there is something wrong with me also keeps advising me to see the doctor. Honestly, I don’t know what to do. If you’ve any good du’as that I could read for maybe happiness in HUSBAND and MARRIAGE please.

Boyfriend threatens to expose our relationship to my parents; ruin my life and career.

Within one month of knowing each other, we got together as courting couple. It was my first time. It was him who wanted, and I was reluctant at the start, but followed him. Between me and him, we had already started to talk about settling down next year. He likes to threaten me, saying that he will meet my parents and blurt out everything about what we have done. e also said that he will ruin my career and will create havoc at my workplace. I feel like, all these are happening because I didn’t take care of myself well; I caused shame to my parents I did what they forbid us to do.

Been intimate with my girlfriend but her family refused me as Istikhaarah is negative

My situation is very complicating.I am a Guy and i have beeen into this girl since last 3 years.. she has been my girlfriend since then and we have been going out steadIly. I am the only guy who she has ever spoken to and the only guy who has ever touch her. we had intimate relation…

My mother is cheating on my father with his friend

Since I was a little girl, I remember my mother was cheating on my father with a relative but Alahmdullilah she’s a little over that. However, she is talking to one of the friend of my father. I am positive that she does the same thing with this man that she used to do with that relative. I am very disappointed and I do not know what to do? My father is also not a good father or husband and has done bad things in his life but it was in the past but he does swear a lot. I have no idea how to deal with this situation as if I talk to my mother, she yells and breaks things.

I misbehaved with my father-what to do now

I am hoping for advice from u friends regarding am matter which is disturbing me and i am totally broken down because of it. I had a fight with my father due to some unavoidable circumstances,I guess it could be avoided had I made an attempt to..