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I think I am Bisexual or a Lesbian, and I do not know what to do!

It has been happening since my childhood and I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing is changing the way I feel.

I need help with spiritual growth

I’m a student studying both religious and secular, but I fail to be moral within myself when I’m back home.

My husband has an inappropriate relationship with his sister in law

His chats clearly expressed they were having something more than friendship. She said she is jealous when he touches me.

It’s haraam, but I can’t help it

I’m afraid that I might be gay. I’m really scared, because I have always been taught that homosexuality is haraam.

I need help with my life

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know even if I am still considered as a Muslim.

I want to divorce my drug-dealing husband

Can I get remarried after I give birth and divorce him and is it haram if I keep my child away from my husband because I am worried that he will be a bad role model for me as a husband and my child inshallah as a father?

A love relationship and a lost pregnancy without marriage…

One week after converting, I discover I am pregnant. I lost it in the 5th week of pregnancy. I think that happen because we didn’t have marriage. I feel like is my fault. I don’t want to live.

Spying via the children

My husband spys on me by asking the children if I am talking about him.

My Husband Won’t Stop Haraam

Someone sent him a photo of their lady parts… again. He had a relationship with a married woman for 6 years – he promised me he would end it. He accepts naked photos of girls online, and asks for “good” photos. He won’t stop this haraam.

Can a lady wear makeup, pluck eyebrows,or have bangs?

All I want to know is if it is right or wrong to wear make up and pluck your eyebrows, and to cut your hair in the front (fringe or bangs)?  I just need a good answer, thanks.