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It’s haraam, but I can’t help it


Assalaamualaykum brothers/sisters,

I'm a 15 year old boy and have always been religious, fasted in Ramadan, prayed regularly, avoided haraam things etc., but I'm beginning to develop strange feelings towards my roommate in boarding school.

These feelings are the type of feelings I'm supposed to have towards girls - romantic love, attraction, sometimes lust. I'm afraid that I might be gay. I'm really scared, because I have always been taught that homosexuality is haraam.

Whenever I have these feelings I go and read the Qur'an and distract myself, because I know that it's wrong and it's a big sin, but each time I see my roommate, I keep having those feelings.

What should I do? Should I leave these feelings alone and try to forget about them? I'm so confused.. Many thanks.


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  1. you don't have feelings for that age scientifically hormones are all over the places it's nothing personal just hormone business....I'm agirl and anything kind and pretty attracts me everything kind and pretty be it a cat man woman but that doesn't mean I want them I just adore beauty and good stuff

    • haniyyyya: I'm a girl and anything kind and pretty attracts me everything be it a cat man woman but that doesn't mean I want them

      I don't think most girls when they look at a man or a woman or a cat or a dog and get the same feeling.

  2. You leave that room otherwise satan will obviously take you to the haram with that boy or another there is no another way to keep away of it never sleep with a boy on same bed

  3. Do you think about sex with girls? Do you get excited when you think about girls? Do you think about being friends with girls? Are you curious about girls bodies? If your answer is "yes" to my questions you are not gay.


  4. Asalam alaykom everyone Im a 15 year old kid and i think that im gay i dont want to be as its haram and i pray and i fast i wasnt like this i used to be attracted to girls before i reached puberty and then also one day i was at my friends house and his little brother kept doing bad stuff to me i think im now gay and i want to stop it im worrying i try to think of other things but it comes back im not normal anymore please someone help me its a sin in my religion i want to grow up and marry a girl of my dreams

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