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I had a chance to marry a Muslim and did not, am I doomed?

I have always believed in God but since meeting him my world just suddenly changed and was so amazing! Now I feel doomed because I did not marry him.

Heart broken and don’t know what to do

Is this allowed for her parents to force her to marry someone else? How can I forget her and move on?

I was in a Haram relationship with a non muslim and he left me?

Somewhere in my heart I knew it was wrong…

He is engaged to another woman

His mother only wants him to marry her friend’s daughter and refuses to accept me/anyone else. He does not know what to do but wants to keep his mother happy.

She left me heart broken, betrayed and with huge weight of guilt

I feel like i have got nothing to loose and just want to die. If it is not for Allah and my Family i would have been already dead. I loved her like she is the whole world to me and expected just a half of it from her.. I always wanted to marry her and become father of her children. We even had names for our unborn baby girl. We often go to the seashore and hold each others hands where she will say that her love for me is greater that these oceans altogether and i reply back that my love for her is greater that the skies.. These are some among the tons of memories i still have about her.. Its not going anywhere.

I commited so many sins, …I feel inferior

I had a man in my life. He left me for the other lady which is more than 8 year older than him. I turned psychotic. My mama forced me to eat by hook or crook one day. I started abusing her and then ……

Controlling and abusive boyfriend ruined my life!

Recently, I have undergone a test put forth from Allah. I thought I had my life straight. My main problem is that I fell for a cruel & selfish guy. Initially, he showed me a lot of affection and care, but he slowly began changing. I am extremely depressed and weep every day. This person literally ruined my life in every aspect. Please help me!

I still love my ex husband and want him back

I prayed a lot to God to give me a good loving husband but Allah gave me then took him away from me. My unborn child remained unborn. Why he took my husband and my child away? If i do not remarry will I get my ex-husband the same one in the next world? Will I get my this child in the next world?