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Will he come back to me?

I wanted to make it Halal by marrying him. But he left me due to some very important reasons (e.g. I am a Hindu Revert)…

Abandoned after a promise of marriage

He too finished his studies and placed in a job, but 6 months ago he said “according to islam, having a relationship with a girl before marriage is a sin, so hereafter I am not ready to speak with you. I realised my mistake, so I will marry you with my parents’ permission only if you convert to become muslim” and “there is no way to marry a hindu girl according to islam”.

We want to marry, but I was forced to marry someone else

My father arranged my marriage and forced fully. Now my boyfriend wants to marry me, I want to marry him, but here I can’t file for divorce because of safety of life, is it possible if I go abroad?

I want to marry the love of my life, but I’m Hindu

Hi all, I’m dying to marry this girl who is a Muslim. As per her, in order to marry her I need to accept Islam first because I am a Hindu. I know that fact already. My confusion here is that though the girl says that she is a true believer of Islam, at times I […]

My best friend’s name is Prateek, does he have to change his name?

I am planning to get married to my best friend. He is a Hindu, but is planning to convert to Islam Insha’Allah. His name is Prateek.

Hindu loves a Muslim married man.

I’m a hindu girl and I have had a boyfriend since 2009. He is muslim and he has been married for 5 months because he is not daring, but he loves me much and I can’t live without him. What I can do now? -naziya shaikh

I am hindu – I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl

We started talking and then it turned into love and we had short affair but I was beaten by her brother along with his friends brutally… I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl, innocent girl below 30,then why is men allowed to marry hindu girls then, it is not unfair?

Pregnant with a Hindu but too afraid to tear my family apart

Over the past 6 months I have developed a relationship with a Hindu (he is 2 years younger than me) and I have done zina… I found out yesterday I am 6-7 weeks pregnant. I do not know what to do. I am so scared of continuing with the pregnancy due to what it will put through my family.

Would a Muslim revert man go to Jannat if his kids are still hindu?

I would be very grateful, if anyone can provide me any advice please. If a non-Muslim man converts, and gets married to a muslim woman and have their children who are muslim too…

I married a Muslim girl the Hindu way, now our families are keeping us separate


Firstly I would like to say that I would not want to hurt any one’s religious sentiments.

I have been in love with a Muslim girl for last 3 years. She was very pretty and beautiful. We loved each other very much. But due to her family, her life was threatened and she became in danger.