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Would a Muslim revert man go to Jannat if his kids are still hindu?


I would be very grateful, if anyone can provide me any advice please. If a non-Muslim man converts, and gets married to a muslim woman and have their children who are muslim too.
But he has kids from a former marriage who are hindu - and those kids do not live with him. The kids live with their mother, and they are hindus. The reason for leaving the hindu family was because he wasnt happy with his first marriage because it was a forced marriage.

A few years later, a muslim woman fell in love with him. The man converted and is now a proper muslim, he goes for jummah on fridays, perform salah, believes in Allah, he wants to go to for umrah/hajj next year inshaAllah. He now has 2 children with his muslim wife, who are muslims too. Will Allah grant the muslim man jannah, despite having 2 children with his former wife who are non-believers?

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May Allah reward you with good.


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  1. Salaam sister Aisha.

    Whether or not a person enters Jannat is a matter that only Allah swt knows as He (swt) is the only One that truly knows the condition of a person's heart. It may be that a person can appear a devout Muslim on the outside but if they are insincere then Allah swt may punish them. And it also may be that a person can not appear typically religous on the outside, but Allah may forgive them if their hearts are pure.
    That said, it doesnt negate the fact that as Muslims we should pray, fast and fulfill all 5 pillars of Islam. We must try to obey Allah swt in all we do, seek forgiveness for sins we commit and avoid haraam income and stay away from evil.

    What is known is that if a person sincerely reverts to Islam for Allahs sake out of true belief in Laa Ilaaha IllaAllah Muhammadur-Rasoolullah - then all his/her past sins are forgiven. It is not affected by if a person has non-Muslim children. Of course from then on (from after they convert), any sins the person commits they are accountable for unless they seek repentance.

    This man is still the father of the children, even if they are non-Muslims. So he does need to be a father to them as much as he can be. Of course he must maintain Islamic distance between himself and his ex-wife. He should provide financial support if needed. And if he can invite his ex-wife and children to Islam that would be good too - he should do this gently by the best form of dawah - maintaining a good character - which is so important in Islam. So this man must remember that all his kids have rights over him.

    The role of a Muslim is to obey Allah swt and try to live by His rules. As long as the man tries to do dawah, and keep ties, if he makes the effort to present Islam to his kids and teach them about it he is not responsible if they decide to reject it as adults. So yes InshaAllah, Allah swt will grant Jannat to whomever He wills

    May Allah swt make us all among those in Jannat.

    Sara Editor

  2. The father will be judged on his actions alone. No one can control the beliefs and choices of another. However, he should do his utmost to teach his Hindu children about Islam and try to call them to the truth.

    Wael Editor

  3. Is that discuss any where Quran or hadis ?

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