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We want to marry, but I was forced to marry someone else

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Forced marriage


I am one of unlucky girl in this world, I have a nice boyfriend, who have so much carrying, so much possessive, so much loving about me and also established on aboard, in my mind may be I cheat him, but I could not live with out him.

I am a hindu girl and  have a relationship with muslim guy past 5 years, and he stay on abroad last 3 years, he loves me lot and  I  also loves him Lot, before  6 months I have been caught by my father  on time of video calling, and I told my father every thing, but my father did not listen any thing and arranged my marriage with in 2 days, and forced fully I agree with my parents and got married to other guy,  as my boyfriend stay abroad I can't tell him any thing, and still I continue in this relationship  as before and I am not accept my husband.

Now my boyfriend came to India and while he meet me, I confess every thing, and he takes time and understand my situation and accept me.

Now he wants to marry me, I also want to marry him, but here in my city I cant file divorce because of safety of both life , so how is it possible if I go with abroad on employment visa, may I marry him as per muslim laws.

At any how I want to marry him Please give me advice what should I do.


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  1. 1) you can't marry Muslim man it's forbidden in islam.
    2) you have to convert and practice islamic thing and then you can marry him but If you convert just to marry it won't work either.
    3) you are cheating with your husband you should not do that.

  2. Sister, Muslim man isn't allowed to marry no other woman then Muslim, Christian or Jewish. For your marriage to be accepted by God you should revert to Islam.

  3. Hi 1st u just leave from ur husband properly dnt hurt him then converting to islam inshaallah ur expecting wil hapn

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    If you are in a forced and unwanted marriage, and afraid for your safety, then it is important that you seek help to resolve this as your first priority.

    Make contact with a women's charity or an organisation that helps people in forced marriages, and ask them to help you escape from this situation. I'm not sure where you are in India, but there may be concerns about approaching the authorities, depending on where you live - if it is safe to do so, you may wish to consider speaking with them, but I would seek the advice of a specialist charity or service first, as they can inshaAllah help you take the right steps to resolve the issue. If you feel that the only way to escape is to travel abroad, then make sure that you have prepared well, and be aware of the legal system and what you will need to do at your destination.

    You may be interested to learn that Islam has a long history of establishing and protecting women's rights. When parts of Europe were still debating whether or not women had souls, Islam codified the rights of women to own property, testify in courts of law, have careers, consent or refuse to marry someone, to propose marriage, to inherit, to separate from their husbands...

    If you and this man wish to be together as husband and wife, there are Islamic requirements which must be fulfilled in order for this to be valid in our faith.

    The first one to consider is that a Muslim man is only permitted to marry a woman who is one of the People of the Book; in other words, he can only marry a woman who is Muslim, Christian or Jewish. If you wish to revert to Islam, then make sure that you do so for the right reasons - learn about Islam and decide whether you believe... if you believe that there is no god but Allah, then say the shahadah and begin your journey as a Muslimah.

    In Islam, pre-marital boyfriend-girlfriend relationships aren't considered acceptable, so it would be important for the two of you to arrange to marry in an Islamic marriage ceremony (a nikah) and to avoid physical or emotional intimacy before this takes place. Depending on the legal situation with your current husband, there may be additional complicating factors, so it would be important for you to discuss this with a legal advisor and/or the imam, to make sure you do things in the right way. Remember that the legal system of whichever country you're in will also have implications for you marrying this man, so it may be best to check with them whether your separation from your current husband is considered valid there - you may need to complete additional divorce proceedings, but a legal advisor should be able to help you.

    Remember that this is your life, and you have the right to choose your own husband, and your own way in life. Don't live in fear.

    Midnightmoon editor

  5. I think u r crazy y did u marry tht poor guy at first plc
    Doesnt nw u r married so live with it if ur husband is
    Nyc nd caring

    • salaam

      stop been nasty the women was forced to marry she did not have a say how would you feel if you were in here shoes
      she is a women and a human being she has the right to live with the person she wants and not just accept the situation she has been forced into

      think before you speak

      weather the lady is a Muslim or not Islam does not accept forced marriage

      allah hafiz

  6. according to islamic laws you arent married, if you really love him then convert for the sake of Allah not for his sake ur bf
    search about islam and then convert practice a little while and then you can marry him inshaAllah

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