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I chose my girl over Allah and am having a crisis of faith

Allah is most merciful, I thought he’ll let it work out and, I wouldn’t have to lose my Lord nor my love. But in the end, I lost both.

I’m pregnant and I’m want to marry my Muslim boyfriend

I am a convert and I am pregnant with my first child which is with my Muslim boyfriend. I am needing advice on my situation as I no longer want to live a haram life and do the right thing…

I watch haraam things, how can I get rid of this bad habit

I am a 19 year old Muslim boy, I offer namaz 5 times regularly and I am good to all of my relatives and respect them, I never even saw girls on walking on street or any where..

Feel like I am losing my Iman. How can I get the strength to leave?

About 5 years ago, I met a boy in high school. We became good friends & then he started to show interest in me. At first I tried to stay away from it but then things got really serious..

Married to a non- muslim. How can I bring her to Islam?

My wife is a non muslim woman who is big on traditional holidays she likes to celebrate all holidays even though I don’t..

Our mother wants to meet us now after 17 years apart

We were with our father and my father died 12 years ago. Now my mother? wants to meet us. So what should be our stand according to Islam…

The abuse from my past is holding me back, please help

Assalaam alaikum, brothers and sisters in the deen, my life is a mess and I need help. I am a muslim , although I am ashamed to call myself that. I am 36 years old, drink alcohol, have a ruined marriage..

Unfortunately, I am divorcing my 2nd wife due to my own problems

I married my first wife in 2002, she married secretly and was reverted from Hinduism. We had 2 children and I messed up and ended-up in jail for a year. I took my kids with me to Bangladesh and I got married to my first cousin and she came after appeal against the UK government’s refusal of her visa. In arguments my wife wasn’t happy with my intention to marry another girl. She walked out with the baby, I was heartbroken. I broke up with the new girl; I didn’t realize how much I loved my wife.

Will God forgive me for doing witchcraft?

I started to pray five times daily and I fast without cheating. (because I used fast and then eat secretly) But now that I started to Pray and try to do my best. I live under stress and denial. I have done things in my past that are very bad. Years ago I did witchcraft then I stopped because I was afraid.

I am heartbroken, overwhelmed and ashamed for what I did. Please help me I want my fiance back

I was engaged to a brother. We had the right intentions and were doing things in the correct way. No private contact, no private meetings. The first time we met alone, we both tried to get a third party but were unable to, and I was leaving the city so we ended up meeting alone.