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Will God forgive me for doing witchcraft?

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Assalam O Alaikum,

I started to pray five times daily and I fast without cheating. (because I used to fast and then eat secretly). But now that I started to Pray and try to do my best. I live under stress and denial.

I have done things in my past that are very bad. Years ago, I did witchcraft then I stopped because I was afraid. The thing is I don't know what I was afraid of God or Satan? That's why I am in denial.

The other thing is my husband lied to me about a major thing. So in return, I took revenge on his ex and told him she cheated on him. Every time I finish praying my mind doesn't give me any peace because of the things that I have done. Is it Satan's whisper that keep telling me "why do you pray, if you are cursed and God will never forgive you?" Or is it me saying that I am not worth to see God someday?

The Quran says if you do magic and you say something about a believer women that is not true, you will go to hell. Then the other thing is that everything material I get and gives me pleasure I keep thinking that "God is rewarding me here because I will not go to heaven" I can't find peace not even in the Good things. Am I cursed?


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  1. what does it mean when your post is pending?

    • Anon33,

      It means that your post in a queue waiting to be published by one our Editors. The current waiting time is approximately one month.

      Sorry for the delay - lots of people have been writing in with lots of questions. Make dua that the waiting time decreases with efficiency, aameen.

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  2. I dont know if the kind of witchcrafts you did were even sth real. I feel very scared of these things, since my childhood. People if they praise you then you can be harmed, if they are jealous of you, u r harmed, if they say something good about ur future then ur harmed.
    The thing is, I am always subjected to such bad vibes through people around me. It makes me so scared and I am always disturbed.
    If anyone was harmed by ur witchcraft (which I dont think happened) you ask for forgiveness from them and from Allah. Dont overthink if you r cursed or things like that. Do what you can do and leave everything to Allah.

  3. salaam everyone
    i have a ques. in my mind
    in ramzan one is fasting and he read all question & ans. on sex on islamic web site
    it is allowed to read these type of question in the month of ramzan
    it is allowed or not

    • There's nothing wrong with reading such questions and answers in Ramadan or any other time, as long as it is done in the spirit of learning, improving our deen, and bettering our lives. However, if you have some doubt, or if such things distract you from your ibadah, then do not read them.

      Wael Editor

  4. Zuhaib some of the questions that have been on here in the last couple of weeks i find hard to read i dont go pasted the headline on the front, maybe because of Ramadan they seem to shock me more and bring me down seeing some of the problems muslims are facing,

    Notforgiving, just keep on repenting and begging Allah(swt) for forgiveness, did you do this witchcraft out of ignorance or did you no how bad it was before doing it and you did it away? i think all you can do from now on is help your fellow muslims in need and live as good a life as you can, May Allah (swt) help us all to be better muslims Ameen.

  5. Sister, Asalaamualaykum,

    Black Magic and accusing someone falsely, especially accusing a chase woman of committing an indecency are grave sins.

    So if you have realised this grave sin of yours sister, this is a blessing from Allah. He(swt) could have kept the veil of ignorance and falsehood tightly over your eyes, but, No! He(swt) chose to remove it and show you clearly where you have erred, giving you the chance to turn back to Him(swt). Not all people get this chance, they continue sinning till their last breath. But it is different for you: You can fall prostrate in repentance to Allah(swt) and seek His(swt) forgiveness. Admit your sins and cry to Him(swt). What is stopping you from doing this? None other than shaytaan. He does not want good for you, which is why he whispering doubts into your mind.


    ~ With regards to the Black Magic you indulged in - this is a serious matter sister and a type of shirk. I am not learned, so I do not know what you must do to reverse anything if anything at all. So all I can advise you to do is to implore Allah to forgive you. Read Surah Falaq and Surah Naas and make dua for goodness to come for whoever it is that you despised. Do as many good deeds as you can and steer strictly clear of such evil from now. Re-affirm your faith and believe in the Oneness of Allah(swt) by reciting the Shahaadah often: 'I bear witness that there is no go worthy of Worship except Allah'. It maybe better that you seek out a qualified Imam to advise you best on this matter to find out if there are any specifics you need to do.

    ~ With regards to the sister whom you slandered - Simply undo the wrong you did by admitting to your husband that you lied about her. Set this straight immediately. If this woman knows of the lie you told against her, apologise to her sincerely. And then speak good about her or remain silent. Do this now in this life, otherwise she will seek her right from you on the Day fo Judgement.

    ~ With regards to your fasting - I do not know what state of Iman you were in when you cheated your fasts. Were you actually Muslim? Because from what you state, I am unsure. When a Muslim misses a fast or breaks it purposely, there is usually a Kafaarah to pay. Having said that - I think you need to speak to a qualified Imam about your case.


    Because I am advising you to see an Imam, does not mean that there is no way out. Of course there is a way out, I am just not learned enough to be able to advise you on that. Although what I can say with 100% assurity is that in your heart you must make a firm resolve to never return to those sins and implore Allah for His(swt) forgiveness.

    If Allah(swt) gives us anything, be it material fortune or whatever - it is always a test for us, it can be either a blessing or a trial depending on how we use it. The anxiety and panic you are feeling in your heart is a result of your sins and the only way to alleviate this is to turn back to Allah(swt). Do not despair, He(swt) has always been there for you, He(swt) is just waiting for you to turn back to Him(swt) wholeheatedly.

    Come on my Sister - it is Ramadan. These are special days and nights - open your heart to Him(swt).

    SisterZ Editor

    • Another very important thing I would like to point out is that:

      ~ Allah(swt) created all of us including shaytan. Shaytan is only able to do what he is doing because Allah granted him respite till the Day of Judgement. Anything shaytan is able to do is by the Will of Allah alone.

      ~ Allah(swt) tells us in Surah Ibrahim, Ayah 22: "When the affair is decided Satan will say, "Allah made you a promise, a promise of truth, and I made you a promise but broke my promise. I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. Do not, therefore, blame me but blame yourselves. I cannot come to your aid nor you to mine. I reject the way you associated me with Allah before." The wrongdoers will have a painful punishment."

      Therefore - seek refuge with Allah. Allah(swt) is The Creator. We, the jinn, the angels and all that exists is created by Allah(swt) - and shaytan is nothing but a jinn made from fire. Allah(swt) is All Powerful, He(swt) is Self Subsisting.

      So fear, love and worship Allah(swt) - The Only Creator, not His(swt) creation.

      SisterZ Editor

  6. Ten years ago i fell deeply in love with a guy. so i went crazy. My Islam was weak as ever. I never prayed or fast right. So because of my obsession with that guy i cross those websites that say " Love is worth fighting for" So i used to get a candle and carve his name there. That's all I did I know it was stupid and I didn't harm no one thank God. I never did anything like that in all those years.
    And about my Husband's ex? Well she messed in my marriage and used to call him all the time and i told him since when do exes have such a great communication? And I told him to stop talking to her I told him that Before we got married. He has lied and lied to me about everything. He insulted me because of her. So i told him that Before he married me My family went to ask about you. And people said that your ex was with another man. Which is not everything a Lie because she was in love with her cousin. After I told him that He stop talking to her. I started to pray because Im miserable with my Husband and i ask Dua for God to Bring me death soon. But before I die I want God to forgive me. My Husband doesn't care for me and doesn't respect me.

    • Sister,

      It seems to me that you are suffering from severe depression. You have so many thoughts mixed up in your mind which are confusing you.

      ~ Carving a man's name on a candle is not black magic? So what exactly did you do that makes you think was black magic?

      ~ Many people fall in love and literally 'fall'. This website is full of such cases and we have tried to help many people realise that being in this situation does not mean that life is over. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you can repent and you can turn back to Allah(swt). If you have missed your fasts and salaah in the past, do tawbah and make full intention to do them from now. Missed fasts have to be made up for, so if you can calculate how many you missed, try to make them up.

      ~ 'Being in love with someone' and 'being with another man' are two completely different things. The latter implies that the two are in a relationship, so if you lead your husband to believe that his ex wife was having an affair - this is completely wrong and it is slander. You should do your best to clear this up with your husband and with anyone else whom you spread this lie to.

      ~ If your husband is mistreating you - yes this is a completely different issue altogether. Of course it is not acceptable that your husband be having 'great communication' with another woman, especially his ex wife. If you are so miserable with your husband, why are you still with him? Either find a way to be happy with him or move on. If you are miserable in a marriage - it is not fulfilling the purpose of marriage. Although you need to assess the reasons for being miserable and try to have open discussion with your husband. Marriage is not the be all and end all - it is just one part of life. If it does not work out, move on - but be content and do whatever will strengthen your eemaan.

      ~ Death will surely come, are you so confident that you want to hurry it along? Are you so confident that you will be ok on the other side. How do you know that you will find peace afterwards? Do you know that there are four invasions that we will meet?

      1. The invasion of the Angel of Death: The Angel of Death will come to take us and we will be able to do nothing about it.
      2. The invasion of our Inheritance: When we are lowered into our graves, our relatives and loved ones will throw soil over our grave and then walk away. As time passes they will continue living their daily lives. And they will invade our 'inheritance'. They will split amongst each other our worldly belongings.
      3. The invasion of the worm: Scientists tell us that when the body begins to decay in the coffin, the first place where the worms will form and emerge from will be the eyes and the tongue. So these worms will invade our bodies, they will start with our eyes and tongues - these two parts which may have committed so much sin.
      4. The invasion of people's rights: On the Day of Judgement, people whom we have wrong will demand their rights.

      So are you ready for all this? For the Angel of Death, for your inheritance to be split, for worms to invade your body, for people to demand their rights of you? Taking all this into account - dont you think it is better for you to try and bank as many good deeds as possible for the Hereafter, so that when you do die, you are better prepared and it is less frightening and painful. Set your affairs straight now while you are alive. Seek forgiveness from those whom you have wronged. Pray your Salaah, do your fasts, do whatever brings you closer to Allah and with patience and perseverance Allah will replace your pain with the sweetness of eemaan.

      You do not need to live your life in guilt and pain. You will find peace in your heart when you turn to Allah(swt) fully - with trust and assurity that he will pick you up and protect you. You will also feel peace in your heart when you set matters straight with the ex wife. I think it would do you some real good to see a Counsellor sister. You have some very deep rooted issues that are eating at you - but you deserve better. Please do see a Counsellor.

      SisterZ Editor

  7. For me by carving someone's name in a candle and say stupid things is witchcraft. But i was stupid to think that something like that will work. I knew God was watching me and I felt fear so i stop doing that non sense. That was ten years ago. And about my faith being weak is because i hated Islam. So i never fasted or prayed. If I fasted it was one day out of 30 days. So you advice me to make up all those years that i didn't fast? which is all my life. so since i have to make up everything i have to fast since i was 13 years old and now Im 31? You are really putting me more down that what im feeling now. I thought that you could start all over again? This is my first month in my life that i fasted and prayed.

    I hate my Husband but i can't divorce him because he gave me a not curable std. His ex ruined my life by messing in my marriage. He doesn't tell no one about what i said about her because he once said "i don't want to humiliate my self" but he can humiliate me. And she can call me names and call him right?

    • Sister,

      Take it easy, I am not putting you down. I am trying to help you. Its not as overwhelming as it sounds. There are other ways of making up missed fasts aswell, i.e. By feeding the poor. But its better you speak to someone knowledgable about this. I actually have any fasts to make up for since my youth aswell.

      About the candle business, just do tawbah and forget that matter. It is gone, finished. Allah promises to forgive us if we just turn to Him (swt) sincerely.

      You know your situation best. It is sad that your husband has infected you with a std. However this is not the reason to stay with him. If his ex has caused problems in your marriage, this is unjust on her behalf. But that still does not make it right to accuse her falsely. The best thing for you to do is extract the factual details that are affecting your marriage and deal with those upfront, i.e. 'She speaks to your husband unnecessarily'. This is what is really bothering you and rightly so. So why lower yourself by making up lies about her?

      I pray Allah gives you peace of mind and that you forgive yourself. Your life and happiness need not be dependant on other people.

      SisterZ Editor

  8. Assalam alaikum, my name is syed, I m a Muslim and the girl to whom I love is Christian, I sincerely want to marry her but to convince her for marriage seems like impossible as she is not interested in love marriage, wat if I attract her for marriage with ruhani ilm coz I want to make her Muslim and then marry her, if she died as a non believer it will a great loss for her as she never get a paradise which is believers final abode, so I want to attract her by ruhani ilm but I'll try to avoid black magic, I'm not giving any loss to anyone I just want her to marry me and I'll make her Muslim before nikah....

    • As-salamu alaykum brother Syed. A few points:

      1. Magic or witchcraft is absolutely haram and nothing good can ever come from it.

      2. You cannot make anyone Muslim. You do not have that power. Only Allah is the One who guides. You can tell this girl about Islam until your face turns blue, but if it is not in her Qadar to embrace Islam, then she will not. So you cannot predicate your desire to marry her on a wish that may never happen.

      3. It is better for your deen and your future to find a good Muslim girl. Why try to "make" someone Muslim when there are already plenty of good girls with faith in their hearts?

      If you need further advice, please register and submit your question as a separate post.

      Wael Editor

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