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Help.. haram relationship but clear intentions.

I am really serious about this and do want this to work out because alhamdulillah he is a nice person… Do I leave him alone?

How can I overcome these thoughts?

Whenever I try to do something for the sake of Allah, I get a feeling or thought that makes me think or feel that what I did is for show off.

Want to marry a Muslim man but I’m scared

And if one day he wants me to go to his country how can I protect myself of being treat as a slave and kept there as a prisoner?

Playing the Lottery

I want to play the lottery and if I do win I plan to use it 100% as zakat… would it still be haram to play if my intentions are pure?

Mental trauma after divorce

How can I overcome my guilt feeling of divorce and my mental confusions and worship Allah with a genuine sincerity without clouding my mind?

My parents are forcing me to get married

My siblings are saying me that you are committing a sin, Allah wont accept your Ibadat and all. But i really dont want to get married.

Reasons for divorce which aren’t sinful.

Salam Aleykoum, I was asking myself about a question that I had this morning about divorces. When the male or female want to divorce to her husband/wife, do they need “right” reasons to divorce? Peer example: The husband( or wife)  is engaged with his/her partners for five years but he/she doesn’t feel happy with her/him anymore […]

Why I can’t be pure towards Allah?

I know that if I regret my deeds it is only because he has left me. I want to go back to Allah but then I think if I repent maybe Allah will give me back that guy… My heart isn’t pure.

I want to marry someone. Should I tell my parents or keep quiet for now?

But what if I have the person I want to get married to in mind now? Alhamdulillah, I think I have met the brother with whose religion and characters I’m satisfied with. We have never done anything haraam. We have never been alone in a closed environment. He is very pious and acts and dresses modestly.

Hardships of Nice Muslim finding a nice Muslimah

I am a 23 year old practicing Muslim. I have kept myself chaste and pure for Allah and for whoever my future wife will be. I have also always told whoever I met that I am looking for a chaste, pious Muslimah which is like myself a virgin, prays, and is an active Muslim (as it states implicitly from Surah Al-Noor Ayats 4 and 26…somebody similar to me). I know that I would not be able to live with such knowledge and would not be able to trust a person who in the past had no problems doing such a thing (what makes it so they couldn’t do this in marriage if then). In the end this would turn to a relationship that I would be unhappy with, depression would arise (and has) and hence treat that person unfairly or look at them differently and I fear Allah too much to be unjust to that person.